While using drugs or alcohol, you became used to taking the path of least resistance. But as a woman looking for rehab programs in San Diego, you have important choices to make. When reviewing rehab options, you need to do what is best for you, not necessarily what comes easiest. An intensive outpatient program, or IOP, is one viable option. However, you should look into an IOP San Diego trusts.

What is an IOP?

A woman sits against a tree thinking about an IOP San Diego trustsIntensive outpatient is one option for your rehab treatment. This level of care is one step down from inpatient treatment and one step above outpatient. At face value, this means you enjoy greater freedom in an IOP than in inpatient rehab. But it actually means much more when it comes to your sobriety. An intensive outpatient program provides structure during the day, but you continue living at home. This means you undergo the same therapies, education, and skills development as in residential programs. However, you do not have the supportive addiction experts around you at home when the going gets tough. Soledad House features an IOP San Diego believes in. An IOP best suits people who do not experience severe withdrawal symptoms or cravings. If you can stop using your drugs or alcohol and feel okay without major cravings, an IOP might work well for you. But if you suffer intense withdrawal effects and cravings when not using your substances, you may need a more protective and structured program such as inpatient rehab.

Is an IOP right for you?

You need to focus on what is best for your sobriety, not which program gives you the most freedom. Shortchanging yourself when it comes to your level of care only makes your journey tougher. It takes confidence and grit get through an IOP without relapse, but it is certainly attainable. When making your decision, consider what is most important for successful intensive outpatient treatment. Some of those factors include:
  • Strong support at home
  • Stability in your home life
  • Positive physical and mental health
  • Comfort in groups of new people
Your recovery is fragile. You need to treat it like the gift it is and protect it from relapse. Choose the method of rehab that helps you best protect your sobriety and build a healthy future.

Soledad House is an IOP San Diego Trusts

Soledad House provides multiple levels of care for women suffering from addiction, including an IOP San Diego can trust. At Soledad House, you gain lasting recovery among other women seeking strength in sobriety. In addition to intensive outpatient, programs of Soledad House include:
  • Women’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment
  • Faith-based and 12 step programs
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Individual, group, and family therapies
  • Psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Exercise therapy
  • Extended care, aftercare, and sober living
The best method of finding the right program for your precise needs is to call Soledad House and discuss your addiction and rehab options. At the same time, you’ll gain insurance verification and information about payment methods. For yourself or a woman you love suffering addiction, Soledad House provides women’s addiction treatment programs. You live, learn and grow in your sobriety among other women sharing your life journey. The all-female environment provides priceless support and strength when you need it most. We feature an IOP San Diego can be proud of, one that can address your specific problems. Call Soledad House in San Diego at 866.314.3222 now for more information about available alcohol and drug recovery programs. Make this important call today, before the addiction grows.