With addiction rehab facilities all over the country, why should you choose a women’s addiction treatment center in San Diego? What specific benefits do they provide? While you should always select a rehab that addresses your unique concerns, you’ll find many suitable offerings in the southern California area. By being close to the ocean with an enjoyable year-round climate, your ideal facility could be in San Diego.

Benefits of California Rehab Centers

A female counselor discusses women's addiction treatment in San Diego with a female patientSome treatment facilities exist in environments that can be almost inaccessible during the winter. You’ll never have to worry about that with women’s addiction treatment in San Diego. Whether it’s the middle of January or June, you can start rehab at any time. Being close to the ocean can give people a tremendous feeling of calm and rebirth. Rehab and recovery are a new beginning for you — in essence, a rebirth — so what better location than California to start over? There’s a center for women’s addiction treatment in San Diego that provides gender-focused care for women’s unique issues. The caring staff is skilled in helping women overcome addiction components that affect women more than men.

Why Choose Women-Focused Addiction Treatment?

Men and women often have different reasons for drug and alcohol abuse. While men may have anger issues tied to their use, women are more often codependent and reluctant to enter rehab. For this reason, women’s addiction treatment should be dealt with differently than men’s. At a women’s addiction treatment center, you can begin your rehab in a distraction-free environment. Some topics that you’ll address in individual and group therapy can make you feel uncomfortable if you have to discuss them in a co-ed setting because they could be very private. Without men present, you’ll feel more at ease talking about subjects that many other women have faced. It could be past sexual assault trauma that you haven’t been able to cope with. You could also feel buried under a variety of family obligations and feel completely unsupported. Like many women, you hesitate to ask for help because everyone depends on you. For these and other reasons, a women’s addiction treatment center can be especially helpful. Here, you can connect with women who understand your emotional and psychological reactions. As a result, you’ll feel encouraged and supported by people dealing with some of the same issues. From body image disorder to abusive relationships, women’s drug rehabilitation programs will address these very important issues to help you better understand your addiction.

Begin Recovery at a Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

Soledad House is a women’s addiction treatment center located just minutes away from the beach. What’s special about Soledad House? In addition to being a women’s only facility, we give our clients a laid-back, peaceful setting to balance out the challenging emotions they may feel when they enter rehab. We provide a range of spiritual activities that work in conjunction with the 12-step approach we take. Exercise therapy and nutrition programs go hand-in-hand to make you feel strong and healthy again. Our treatment programs include:
  • Faith-based drug rehab
  • Alcohol rehab
  • Drug rehab
  • Sober living program
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family therapy programs
The compassionate team of professionals at our facility is qualified to help women struggling with addiction to alcohol, heroin, or other substances. You’ll be able to make connections and feel a part of our nurturing community with fun extras, such as camping or roller skating. You don’t have to continue feeling alone as you battle addiction. You deserve to be a healthier, happier you. Call our women’s addiction treatment center at 866.314.3222 today. We’ll walk with you on the road to recovery.