Am I Addicted to Benzos?

What are benzos? Benzos, or benzodiazepines, are widely prescribed medications that can come with a range of side effects, including the potential for addiction. Explore what benzos really are, what kind of drugs qualify as benzos, and how to get benzo addiction treatment today. Breaking free of benzo addiction is possible—find hope and a path […]

Faith-Based Recovery Groups

There are many approaches to recovery. Many of the most effective addiction recovery programs involve elements of religion or spirituality. While they aren’t a requirement for sobriety, faith-based recovery groups can offer a number of advantages to individuals ready to overcome addiction. To learn about our faith-based drug rehabilitation at Soledad House, contact us today […]

Types of Addiction

Experts now understand that anyone can develop an addiction. The condition isn’t a sign of moral failure, bad parenting, or a weak will. But what, exactly, is an addiction? More importantly, what types of addiction are you struggling with right now? To learn more about the types of addiction and your addiction treatment options at […]

Understanding the Substance Abuse Definition

Medicine understands addiction to be a brain disease. Drafting a substance abuse definition, experts suggest that its chronic nature puts it on par with asthma or heart disease. This understanding means that there’s no cure for addiction, but it can respond well to treatment. But what does this mean for the woman who’s dealing every […]

Physical and Psychological Drug Withdrawal

It’s a common misconception that all drug withdrawal is the same. In fact, did you know that there are physical and psychological addictions? Each requires its own set of treatments for a lasting recovery. At Soledad House, we offer drug addiction treatment in California for women. Drug Withdrawal Associated with a Physical Addiction Most everyone […]

Lean Drug Addiction

A dangerous but increasingly common drug is called lean. Use of lean drug can result in disastrous side effects, including overdose or addiction. Fortunately, the right opioid addiction treatment center in California can help treat lean drug addiction. What is Lean Drug? Lean goes by many names, just some of which include purple drank, purple […]

Heroin Epidemic in America

Opioid use is a growing concern in the United States and around the world. As you can imagine, combating this heroin epidemic isn’t an easy task. While education and awareness are keys to the puzzle, heroin addiction treatment in California may be most vital. Quality treatment is vital so that patients don’t relapse in the […]

Do I Need Substance Abuse Treatment?

One of the most difficult parts of addiction is the lack of ability to be self-aware and seek substance abuse treatment. Survival mechanisms in the brain make it difficult to see the negative consequences of drinking or using during addiction. What happens is that the brain begins to believe that the person needs substances in […]

3 Signs You Need Alcohol Rehab

Anyone struggling with alcoholism can benefit from attending alcohol rehab. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell whether you or someone you love truly needs professional help. These three signs point to a clear answer, helping you decide whether alcohol rehab in CA is a necessity at the women’s alcohol rehab center in San Diego. 1. Negative […]

Is Alcohol a Drug?

Is alcohol a drug that’s been causing problems for you or someone you love? Are you on the fence about alcohol treatment because you think a recovery center only handles drug addictions to “real” drugs? You might be surprised to know that alcohol is a “real” drug. What Is A Drug? The most common definition […]