Sober Living in San Diego

Now that you’re back on the right track, you’ve probably considered adding a social life back into your routine. The good news is that you can benefit from a women’s sober living program in San Diego. The supportive housing offered by sober living homes can help you stay on track while you’re enjoying your social […]

Non-12-Step Rehab California

California is home to a myriad of resources for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. For some, a local 12-step program can be a helpful resource. However, if you’re looking for many other types of therapy and a robust community of those in recovery, reach out to Soledad House today. Our community provides the necessary support to […]

5 Stigmas About Addiction Recovery

For those who struggle with addiction issues, it can be difficult to seek out help. Admitting that they have a problem that is beyond their control can keep many individuals from getting the treatment they need. However, a number of stigmas about addiction and recovery can also keep people from breaking free from addiction. These […]

Best Rehab Centers in Southern California

When you seek a women’s rehab program, maybe you want to stay close to your SoCal home. Or maybe you prefer to travel to treatment and want the sunshine and “fresh start” Southern California provides. There is a wide range of reasons behind seeking the best rehab centers around San Diego. In this part of […]