Sober Living in San Diego

Now that you’re back on the right track, you’ve probably considered adding a social life back into your routine. The good news is that you can benefit from a women’s sober living program in San Diego. The supportive housing offered by sober living homes can help you stay on track while you’re enjoying your social […]

3 Benefits of an Aftercare Program

Addiction recovery is a long process that often extends beyond the initial time in rehab. The months most individuals spend in this first step is small in comparison to the many years that can follow. For many of those in recovery, additional structures and support systems are needed to prevent relapse. One important program that […]

Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms

Benzodiazepines, also known as benzos, are prescribed every day across the country. Designed for short-term use, Benzos can help lower anxiety and insomnia. Many take them after a big life event or crisis to help create a sense of calm. Nearly 50 million prescriptions are written across the US for benzos each year. Because benzos […]

What Can You Get Out of a Women’s Alcohol Detox Center?

Most people abuse alcohol to induce euphoric effects. They usually seek this effect when trying to relax from the stressors of life or even when celebrating. Prolonged abuse of alcohol can cause changes to brain chemistry which inevitably leads to addiction. Research shows that women experience the negative effects of alcohol abuse more quickly and […]

Zero Tolerance Policy

In order to recover from an addiction, abstinence from substance use is necessary. The best treatment centers understand that. That’s why Soledad House has a zero-tolerance policy. This policy is an effective way to help patients stick to their California addiction treatment plans. Understanding the Zero Tolerance Policy A rule of absolutely no tolerance means […]

Benzo Withdrawal Timeline

Benzos are both physically and psychologically addictive and can cause severe and dangerous withdrawal symptoms. The benzo withdrawal timeline is longer than many other substances, meaning that you can continue experiencing lingering withdrawal symptoms for weeks after your last use. Benzo withdrawal can also cause seizures and depression, making it best to seek help from […]

What is Rehab Like?

While addiction is incurable, treatment can greatly improve your chances of recovery. Treatment can help you learn how to cope with triggers, stress, and cravings. But what is rehab like? Learn more about rehab and Soledad House’s women’s rehab center in California by calling us today at 866.314.3222.  Addiction is a chronic, progressive, and incurable […]