How Meditation Therapy Can Help Your Mental Health

Meditation is a spiritual practice that dates all the way back to ancient India and China. Though it’s become popular as a form of relaxation and reducing stress, it can also be used therapeutically. Meditation therapy is a method of relaxation by focusing on a word, sound, or image while eliminating outside stimuli. It can […]

Why Should Women Have Life Skills Training?

Substance abuse can quickly take over all aspects of life. Everything suffers, from finances and decision-making to relationships and self-care. Entering rehab is a great first step toward recovery, but it’s equally important to remember that life continues after the program. For this reason, developing real-world skills is an essential part of holistic addiction treatment. […]

How Spiritual Therapy Can Help Your Recovery

Many women experience feelings of loneliness or isolation when battling addiction. Without support, it’s hard to remember that countless others face similar struggles. Millions have succeeded in reclaiming their lives. For many, treatment including spiritual recovery from addiction, is very effective. This proven therapy allows clients to draw on their belief in a higher power […]

Why Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Could Help Your Relationships

People across the world struggle with anxiety and depression. Many battling these and other mental illnesses struggle silently in isolation. Both anxiety and depression can make it hard to connect with others and sustain healthy relationships. It can be equally hard for loved ones to understand anxiety and depression’s effects. Today, countless therapy options provide […]

What Can Christian Rehab Centers Do for You?

Addiction and recovery can be the most trying experiences of a person’s life. They test the strength of relationships, personal will, and faith. For women in search of rehab programs and facilities, a faith-based approach can often provide strength and hope beyond typical addiction treatments. Christian rehab programs can offer clients and their families the […]

6 Impressive Advantages of EMDR Therapy in San Diego

Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of therapy that helps specifically in the treatment of trauma. Trauma that women can suffer from ranges from sexual assault to a car accident. EMDR approaches psychological issues in an unusual yet effective way. It does not rely on talk therapy or medications. EMDR therapy […]

Signs You Need Aftercare at a Women’s Rehab Center

You’ve worked hard in residential and outpatient treatment. Why do you need aftercare at a women’s rehab center like Soledad House? It can be challenging to recognize this need when you’re working hard at preventing relapse throughout your therapy. It is rather common for people to need ongoing support after they leave routine addiction therapy. […]

Prayer and Meditation for Addiction Treatment

There are many different strategies for overcoming addiction. In treatment, clients often find that prayer and meditation can help in a big way. While you don’t need to be religious to take advantage of these benefits, you can be. Take a closer look at the value of a meditation therapy program, prayer, and spirituality in […]

Mindfulness Training

More and more high-quality rehab facilities such as Soledad House now offer mindfulness training. A holistic care model, meditation treatment shows greats promise. However, what is it? More importantly, how can it help you if you’re struggling with addiction today? What Started Your Addiction? Everything has a starting point. Nobody wakes up and decides to […]

Mindfulness Meditation

People often say that it’s easier to get sober than it is to stay sober, and you may be well aware of this. Many people with an addiction try to stay clean, but something happens, and they turn back to their substance of choice. Many times, this is because they don’t have the tools necessary […]