How to Handle Coronavirus, Unemployment, and Alcohol Consumption

Unemployment and alcohol consumption often go hand in hand. The financial and emotional burden that comes upon an individual or family can be too much to bear. As a result, a person may turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with the situation. In recent years, economic turmoil, stress, and anxiety have increased the rate […]

3 Benefits of Spiritual Recovery Treatment for Addiction

The path to addiction recovery can be long and challenging. Often a person addicted to a substance will have cycles of relapse, especially if the underlying cause of their addiction goes unidentified and unaddressed. Therefore, how can long-term recovery and sober living truly be ensured for those struggling with addiction? Spiritual addiction recovery—a holistic approach […]

How Meditation Therapy Can Help Your Mental Health

Meditation is a spiritual practice that dates all the way back to ancient India and China. Though it’s become popular as a form of relaxation and reducing stress, it can also be used therapeutically. Meditation therapy is a method of relaxation by focusing on a word, sound, or image while eliminating outside stimuli. It can […]

What’s the Difference Between CBT and DBT?

Many individuals suffering from addiction are, in reality using substances to cope with an untreated mental health issue. This is why in addiction treatment, a dual diagnosis approach is necessary for many individuals’ complete recovery. Two commonly used evidence-based therapies are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). CBT is a process-based approach for […]

Why Should Women Have Life Skills Training?

Substance abuse can quickly take over all aspects of life. Everything suffers, from finances and decision-making to relationships and self-care. Entering rehab is a great first step toward recovery, but it’s equally important to remember that life continues after the program. For this reason, developing real-world skills is an essential part of holistic addiction treatment. […]

Top Signs of Codependency

The term “codependency” is often tossed around in conversations with a joking tone as people become more dependent on technology and the conveniences of our modern world. True codependency, however, is often at the root of the addiction and can take control of a person’s life without them noticing. Codependency puts a strain on a […]

Do You Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment in San Diego?

A dual diagnosis typically indicates a situation where a person is diagnosed with both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression. Oftentimes, drug and alcohol abuse are symptoms of an underlying mental health issue. As these disorders interplay, it can make recovery difficult. However, uncovering the root cause […]

What Is Psychotherapy?

Within the safe, supportive environment of a rehab facility, program participants work with addiction treatment counselors during both group and individual therapy sessions. Understanding what psychotherapy is can help you choose an addiction treatment center that will help you heal. Soledad House’s psychotherapy in California offers an approach to addiction treatment that can help you work […]

How To Cope With Isolation During Quarantine

Since early March, communities across the United States have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. While many people have gotten sick, many more have found themselves in the midst of a “new normal,” working from home and social distancing as much as possible. Though these strategies work to help curb the spread of the virus, […]

Employing Spiritual Recovery from Addiction

Far too often, we think of addiction as little more than a brain disease. Although it’s true that this most certainly meets the clinical definition, it doesn’t cover the whole problem. Substance abuse affects the whole person including your health, emotions, mental state, and spirituality. For this reason, it’s vital not to overlook spiritual recovery […]