Sober Living in San Diego

Now that you’re back on the right track, you’ve probably considered adding a social life back into your routine. The good news is that you can benefit from a women’s sober living program in San Diego. The supportive housing offered by sober living homes can help you stay on track while you’re enjoying your social […]

How Does Spiritual Therapy Work?

Drug and alcohol addiction affects more than your physical self. It also impacts your emotional and spiritual well-being. When you take the big step toward recovery, you’ll participate in various forms of therapy. They may be as different as psychotherapy and fitness therapy, which both help you strengthen your body and mind. The therapies available […]

Power of Spiritual Healing

Addiction is a complicated disease that affects the brain. Treatment can’t focus exclusively on physical symptoms, and there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to sobriety. Spiritual healing can play a role in treatment, and many patients benefit from a focus on spiritual addiction recovery. Learn more about spirituality addiction recovery in San Diego […]

3 Benefits of an Aftercare Program

Addiction recovery is a long process that often extends beyond the initial time in rehab. The months most individuals spend in this first step is small in comparison to the many years that can follow. For many of those in recovery, additional structures and support systems are needed to prevent relapse. One important program that […]

5 Tips for Sober Living this Holiday Season

The holidays can be especially hard for those in recovery. Parties, family, financial strain, and exposure to social drinking can be overwhelming. Holiday parties and family gatherings can feel stressful for those seeking a sober holiday through a sober living program or other sobriety programs. With the support of others in sober living programs, those […]

Recovery Meetings near Me

Support systems are often the key to addiction recovery. Group therapy provides solidarity, accountability and often helps those struggling with addiction realize that they are not alone in their addiction. For many, a local 12-step program or regular group recovery meeting serves as the foundation to recovery at any stage of life. Local group meetings […]

Advantages of a Women’s 12-Step Program

12-step programs can be the foundation on the road to recovery from any addiction at any stage of life. While 12-step programs hold high success rates, mixed-gender programs and support groups can often be more triggering than healing for many women. For some, it may be easier to open up to others, connect with supportive […]

What Can You Expect from the Best Rehab in San Diego?

When contemplating what steps to take to get help for your drug or alcohol addiction, there are many different facilities and treatment options available. If you are a woman struggling with addiction, you may find that a woman-specific drug rehabilitation program is right for you. Having a gender-specific program creates a safe and comfortable experience […]

Signs You Will Benefit From Women’s Drug Rehab

When you have active alcohol or drug addiction, it can be difficult to admit there is a problem. If alcohol or substance abuse is causing negative effects on your life, it’s time to assess what treatment options are available to you. A woman can face unique challenges in addiction that require special attention. Addressing concerns […]

What Is Psychotherapy?

Within the safe, supportive environment of a rehab facility, program participants work with addiction treatment counselors during both group and individual therapy sessions. Understanding what psychotherapy is can help you choose an addiction treatment center that will help you heal. Soledad House’s psychotherapy in California offers an approach to addiction treatment that can help you work […]