[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What do Christian rehab centers know that others don’t? Facilities with a spiritual component are just as serious about helping people to recover from drug use as those that lack it. That said, there’s a big difference that separates both treatment models. Here’s how a Christian component can make a significant difference in your recovery.

Recognizing the Need for Treating the Spirit

Addiction is a disease of the brain that manifests with physical symptoms. In some settings, therapists work hard to help someone heal the mind and body. They include modalities to make this possible. But they forget that a person also has a spiritual component.

They may be able to identify negative patterns and help someone make changes. But there’s still a spirit that’s hurting and in need of help. At Christian rehab centers, professionals recognize this need. There, they add this component of care to the treatment.

Getting Help at Christian Rehab Centers

It’s important to recognize that spirituality and recovery have a deep connection. At a Christian center, therapists don’t replace evidence-based treatment methods with spiritual care. Instead, they provide an additional level of treatment that appeals to program participants’ spiritual needs. What does this mean for you, when you’re struggling with drug abuse and want to get well?

For starters, it means a recovery that uses the 12 steps program as its foundation. This well-established program has helped many in recovery to overcome drug cravings. Its central tenet requires giving over control to a higher power. By placing this power at the center of the universe — versus the individual — it provides a proper backdrop for healing.

You can now acknowledge that there are situations and people you can’t control. You’re free to admit that you can’t fix some things or undo specific actions. Most importantly, you can allow yourself to accept that you’ve made mistakes and now want to correct them. By letting go of the responsibility for controlling everything in your sphere of influence, you experience tremendous freedom.

This freedom allows you to let go of stressors. Trusting the higher power is a vital part of recovery. Let it take over and run the universe. Don’t allow other people to pile responsibilities on your shoulders that aren’t yours to take on.

Healing at a Rehab Facility with a Spiritual Component

Drugs may have been the tools you used to self-medicate when you couldn’t live up to the expectations of others. At a rehab center, therapists work with you to overcome addiction with helpful treatments:

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