Drug treatment at an all-female facility is the answer when your life’s spinning out of control because of substance abuse. With so many San Diego rehab centers to choose from, you need to be sure you’re making the right choice. How should you go about making this selection? At Soledad House, we’re happy to help you make the choice. To learn more about what our women’s San Diego treatment center has to offer over other San Diego rehab centers, contact Soledad House today by calling 866.314.3222.

What the Majority of San Diego Rehab Centers Offer

Evidence-based treatment is a fancy way of saying that the rehab bases its approaches on clinically tested modalities. A facility that practices evidence-based treatment doesn’t use fads or untested methods that could do more harm than good. Additionally, all good centers should have a working relationship with nearby detox facilities to help patients get through withdrawal. When you choose a setting that caters to women, in particular, you get a little something extra.

Relief from Addiction at a Women’s Rehab Facility

Get away from stresses and your old haunts by checking into a location that lets you live on campus. Doing so is vital for women with an unstable living situation. It also benefits you when stresses in the home could provide distractions. Recovery isn’t easy, and you need to be able to focus on yourself for a change.

An all-female addiction treatment environment makes it easy to get comfortable. You’re in a similar situation as the other program participants, which creates an immediate feeling of sisterhood. Because therapists don’t have to try to reach out to male program participants as well, addiction treatment therapies have a gender-specific focus. Not surprisingly, you’ll find their approaches to be more helpful.

In fact, treatment should meet a number of benchmarks such as:

Soledad House Offers an All-Female Rehab Opportunity

It’s clear that some modalities don’t work well for women. Females and males tend to experience addiction differently. In a male-dominated treatment setting, a woman may not always get the care she needs to overcome substance abuse.

For example, did you know that the stigma attached to addiction affects women more profoundly than men? In many cases, the mere act of reaching out and asking for help takes incredible courage for a woman. Unless she participates in a program that recognizes her efforts for what they are, it’s easy for her to become discouraged. Women may feel that they’re just not cutting it, when — in reality — they’re doing great.

Our women’s treatment center at Soledad House provides a wide variety of exceptional treatment options. We tailor your treatment to meet your individual needs. With a variety of holistic and evidence-based therapies, you have the tools you need to manage your addiction. Your treatment program may include:

See how Soledad House women’s addiction treatment can help you overcome an addiction. This San Diego rehab facility offers you a serene location with a dedicated staff. Experts work side by side with you to help you recover from substance abuse. Contact us at 866.314.3222 today to begin your journey to sobriety at one of the premier San Diego rehab centers.