Why Do Women Self-Silence

As society progresses, we are increasingly acknowledging the profound impact that self-silencing has on the lives of women of all ages, particularly young women. Join us as we embark on a journey to understand the intricacies of self-silencing and discover how we can collectively empower women to break free from its chains. Understanding Self-Silencing What […]

How to Help Someone with PTSD

A post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD doesn’t just happen to those who have been in combat. Women from all walks of life may also struggle with it. Those who have experienced any trauma can face this issue at some point in their lives. Your loved one may be struggling without knowing it. However, having the […]

How Does Spiritual Therapy Work?


Drug and alcohol addiction affects more than your physical self. It also impacts your emotional and spiritual well-being. When you take the big step toward recovery, you’ll participate in various forms of therapy. They may be as different as psychotherapy and fitness therapy, which both help you strengthen your body and mind. The therapies available […]

Power of Spiritual Healing


Addiction is a complicated disease that affects the brain. Treatment can’t focus exclusively on physical symptoms, and there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to sobriety. Spiritual healing can play a role in treatment, and many patients benefit from a focus on spiritual addiction recovery. Learn more about spirituality addiction recovery in San Diego […]

3 Benefits of Spiritual Recovery Treatment for Addiction


The path to addiction recovery can be long and challenging. Often a person addicted to a substance will have cycles of relapse, especially if the underlying cause of their addiction goes unidentified and unaddressed. Therefore, how can long-term recovery and sober living truly be ensured for those struggling with addiction? Spiritual addiction recovery—a holistic approach […]

How Meditation Therapy Can Help Your Mental Health


Meditation is a spiritual practice that dates all the way back to ancient India and China. Though it’s become popular as a form of relaxation and reducing stress, it can also be used therapeutically. Meditation therapy is a method of relaxation by focusing on a word, sound, or image while eliminating outside stimuli. It can […]

Why Should Women Have Life Skills Training?


Substance abuse can quickly take over all aspects of life. Everything suffers, from finances and decision-making to relationships and self-care. Entering rehab is a great first step toward recovery, but it’s equally important to remember that life continues after the program. For this reason, developing real-world skills is an essential part of holistic addiction treatment. […]

How Spiritual Therapy Can Help Your Recovery


Many women experience feelings of loneliness or isolation when battling addiction. Without support, it’s hard to remember that countless others face similar struggles. Millions have succeeded in reclaiming their lives. For many, treatment including spiritual recovery from addiction, is very effective. This proven therapy allows clients to draw on their belief in a higher power […]

Why Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Could Help Your Relationships


People across the world struggle with anxiety and depression. Many battling these and other mental illnesses struggle silently in isolation. Both anxiety and depression can make it hard to connect with others and sustain healthy relationships. It can be equally hard for loved ones to understand anxiety and depression’s effects. Today, countless therapy options provide […]

Non-12-Step Rehab California

Women hugging in group therapy session

California is home to a myriad of resources for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. For some, a local 12-step program can be a helpful resource. However, if you’re looking for many other types of therapy and a robust community of those in recovery, reach out to Soledad House today. Our community provides the necessary support to […]