Addiction and recovery can be the most trying experiences of a person’s life. They test the strength of relationships, personal will, and faith. For women in search of rehab programs and facilities, a faith-based approach can often provide strength and hope beyond typical addiction treatments. Christian rehab programs can offer clients and their families the spiritual support they need while navigating the trials and tribulations of recovery. These holistic approaches can be more successful than therapy or faith alone. For many, a spiritual component is a key to recovery and building a strong foundation for a healthy future.

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What Is Christian Drug Rehab?

Simply put, Christian drug and alcohol rehab programs incorporate faith-based teaching and values into treatment protocols and therapies. By combining Christian faith and spiritual counseling with traditional therapies like 12 step programs, EMDR, and psychotherapy, clients in recovery, rely on faith in a higher power and traditional medicine. This combination can often keep a client’s goals, cravings, and tendencies in perspective with the support of spiritual and holistic therapies while also reducing the potential for relapse.

Is Christian Rehab Right For You?

If you’re a woman suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, Christian rehab programs may offer the support you need to heal. A human’s belief system is the core of our identity, affecting our choices both consciously and unconsciously. By combining faith with traditional therapies, you may be able to unlock the key components to your healing. Here are some reasons to consider a Christian women’s rehab program:

The support of a faith-based community of other women can be a key to a woman’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Women’s rehab programs provide a safe and nurturing environment for women to identify with universal and personal experiences unique to women. Similarly, women’s faith-based sober living facilities allow women to see they are not alone in addiction or recovery. Through Christian-based rehab programs, women often grow more deeply connected to other women and break cycles of harmful relationships while fostering their faith in a higher power.

Begin Your Journey with Christian Women’s Sober Living In San Diego

Faith in a power greater than ourselves is often the key to unlocking addiction, confronting childhood traumas, and healing from the trials of human life. At Soledad House, our clients are physically, emotionally, and spiritually nurtured through their recovery journeys. Our programs center on Christian-based support and state-of-the-art therapies for various drug and alcohol addictions. Our treatments include but are not limited to:

Addiction and recovery can be one of the greatest tests of a woman’s faith. Soledad House understands. Whether you’re suffering from chemical dependency or codependent relationships, we’re here to help you regain faith and find the support you need. If you or your loved one is ready for holistic Christian faith-based rehab in beautiful San Diego, CA, we encourage you to put your recovery in our hands. Reach out online or contact us at 866.314.3222 today for more information on our programs.