As a woman with sleep problems, you know how hard it is to try to sleep without medication. It becomes a maddening fight for many people to sleep without using drugs like Ambien, once they find out how much this medication helps them get the rest they so desperately need. But one day you realized your use of Ambien extends beyond a need for sleep. Now you find yourself needing an Ambien addiction rehab’s help, just to end the cycle of your drug abuse.

About Ambien Addiction

No one sets out to purposefully suffer Ambien addiction. But as the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports, over 330,000 Americans rely on sedatives each and every day. They find themselves on the same path as yours, needing help for Ambien or other sedative addiction.Woman sits on couch and ponders an ambien addiction treatment program

The zolpidem in Ambien slows down your brain’s functions, just like other sedatives. When you use Ambien too often or for too long, you find yourself needing more and more of the drug in a condition called tolerance. Soon this increasing dosing leads to physical dependence and a full-blown addiction. During your addiction, you cannot function without your drug and need to use it every day to just keep up with your life.

Sadly, what was once a problem with falling asleep now is your problem with daily functioning. You struggle in all areas of your life, including struggles with money, work, school, home life, relationships, socialization and possibly even legal problems. But these problems heal with the right Ambien addiction treatment in a womens drug rehab, just as you get to start living the life you actually want. You just need to know what that help looks like, to seize it.

What Not Getting the Right Help Means

If you do not take advantage of an Ambien addiction treatment program as you know you should, you face worsening struggles in your life. You will only continue to lose relationships and suffer the damages of your drug addiction. You also suffer even deeper effects of the drug on your mind and body, making it harder to quit with each passing day.

If you try to quit Ambien on your own, you also face misery and possibly deadly relapse. Withdrawal brings a range of ill effects that you need support to overcome. These symptoms include anxiety, agitation, drug cravings, depression, and even seizures. Few people get through withdrawal alone and those who do so put themselves at great risk.

But detox is only one step into recovery. It opens the doors for a better life, yet does not teach you how to stay off of your drugs. To avoid relapse you need Ambien addiction treatment in a quality rehab program. This treatment must include an array of therapies and multiple levels of care for the individualized approach that keeps you motivated, healthy and supported for your better life ahead.

San Diego Addiction Treatment for Ambien

Your Ambien addiction treatment program takes place at Soledad House in San Diego, CA. At Soledad House, you find yourself among other women with the same types of addiction as you suffer from. You also feel comfortable among your female peers in recovery, as you learn why you abused Ambien and other substances, in the first place. You support and encourage each other to achieve your recovery goals and start living the better life you only dream about today.

Your Ambien addiction treatment program includes an array of therapies and other treatment methods. These programs and therapies include:

  • Residential and outpatient programs
  • Extended care, sober living, and aftercare
  • 12-step recovery
  • Exercise therapy
  • Outdoor activities
  • Sober parties
  • Individual, group, and family therapy

Reach for the help you need to end Ambien addiction. This help, at Soledad House in beautiful San Diego, helps you build the life you truly want. So call Soledad House now at 866-314-3222 to start your journey of recovery among other women. This call changes your life, so make it now.