Oxycodone is one of the most addictive substances prescribed to medical patients today. This painkiller provides a pleasant high that makes people abuse the drug, whether through a doctor’s prescription or from purchasing the drug illegally. Do you or a woman you love suffer addiction to this drug? If so, you need a quality oxycodone addiction treatment program.

Risk Factors Leading to Needing an Oxycodone Addiction Treatment Program

Pills spilling out of a pill bottle may indicate a need for an oxycodone addiction treatment programSome people have a greater risk of becoming addicted to opioids like oxycodone. These risks include:

  • Genetics
  • Family history of drug abuse
  • Environment and exposure
  • History of behavioral problems in childhood
  • Being around others who abuse drugs
  • Painkiller use after injury or surgery

Men more frequently suffer addiction to oxycodone than women. But for many women, overuse of this prescription painkiller is a daily way of life. The biggest danger with this drug use is the potential for overdose. The number of oxy overdoses in the United States has quadrupled since the 1990s.

For people abusing oxycodone, the only way out is through an oxycodone addiction treatment program for recovery.

How Do I Know if a Woman I Love Abuses Oxycodone?

Women abusing these drugs do provide some signs. Of course, if you know what the signs are, you can recognize your loved one’s problem. Knowing about the problem then gives you the opportunity to help. That help then comes from an expert oxycodone addiction treatment program.

Symptoms of oxycodone abuse include behavioral signs, such as doctor shopping for prescriptions, regular patterns of oxycodone use despite no clear need, and using oxy despite problems it causes. Other behavioral signs include a strong focus on getting more oxycodone and using it. You may also notice slurred speech, isolation, and lack of engagement in favorite activities.

Physical signs of oxycodone addiction include tiny pupils, sleepiness, and slow movements. You notice they forget things, suffer cravings for their drug, pay little attention, and make poor decisions. She also seems apathetic, uneasy, at times euphoric, and struggles in relationships.

Mental Illness and Oxycodone Addiction

Mental illness frequently comes along with oxycodone addiction. This illness starts before the drug abuse, or flares for the first time as part of addiction. It does not matter whether mental illness or addiction came first. What matters is getting the oxycodone addiction treatment program that you or your loved one needs.

Through a dual diagnosis women’s oxycodone addiction treatment program, both addiction and the mental illness gain treatment. This means you truly start a new life. You get help for your depression, anxiety, PTSD or other problems at the same time as you end your substance abuse.

Treatment You Need for Strong Addiction Recovery

For a real chance of lasting recovery, you need help from a licensed oxycodone treatment program for women. For best results, this treatment must include:

  • Residential and outpatient programs
  • Extended care, aftercare, and sober living
  • 12 step program approach
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Group therapies
  • Physical fitness and outdoor activities

You deserve your best chance for lasting recovery. This recovery takes place among other women just like you. In a women’s prescription drug abuse treatment program, you learn how to cope with triggers and temptations while also bringing balance and wellness to your life.

Women from all walks of life enter rehab at Soledad House in San Diego, California. This treatment includes the programs you need for lasting recovery. Call Soledad House now at 866-314-3222 for a fresh start. You or the woman you love deserve a better life, so make that call now.