Prescription drug addiction treatment at Soledad HousePrescription drug use disorder involves using medications in ways that your doctor didn’t prescribe. When you develop a compulsive, ongoing problem, it turns into prescription drug addiction. At that point, you must seek expert help to recover. You can prepare for prescription drug addiction treatment by learning more about what happens throughout the process when you seek addiction treatment services from a professional addiction treatment center.

Treatment Stages for Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug abuse is an increasing problem across all age groups. Painkiller addiction is the most common. However, people also develop addictions to anti-anxiety medications, sedatives, and stimulants.

Because of this growing problem, there’s an abundance of treatment options for prescription drugs. One treatment method doesn’t work for everyone, but the stages of treatment following a general guideline.

Medical Detox

Detox is the first step and allows your body to naturally eliminate drug toxins from your system. Your body responds to the abrupt change during withdrawal. You could experience painful symptoms that cause life-threatening complications. Medical supervision can ease and prevent these symptoms so that you’re comfortable and safe during the process.

Addiction Therapy

Counseling is the second stage of prescription drug addiction treatment. Although you participate in some therapy during detox, rehab digs deeper into the source of your problem. Licensed addiction counselors provide group, one-on-one, and family therapy to help you overcome addiction.

Therapy helps you determine the catalyst for drug abuse. Examples include family conflicts, trauma, and underlying mental health disorders. Counseling also teaches you skills to prevent further drug use issues and resist cravings. You also learn healthy ways to fill your time and strategies to develop positive relationships.

To achieve these objectives, therapists use a range of techniques. Behavioral therapies help you understand why you engage in risky behavior. Then, they give you tools to cope with or avoid risky situations.

Motivational therapies help you find inspiration to start or continue your treatment. Your counselor could reward you for staying sober, for instance. Family therapies provide addiction education to your family members. They also help everyone learn how to communicate better and support each other effectively.

Holistic therapies are a growing staple in addiction treatment. Studies support the effectiveness of these methods as complements to traditional therapy. They can treat the physical, mental, and emotional effects of addiction. They also address your spiritual well-being.

There are numerous approaches to holistic care. Meditation and yoga are the most common because they provide balance and help you relax. They also clear your mind so that you can focus better on recovery. Exercise, art therapy, gardening, and animal therapy are other forms of holistic care.

Aftercare Programs

Even after rehab, you still need support to stay sober. Aftercare provides the ongoing treatment that you need. You can facilitate your transition back home with private therapy and support group meetings. However, your aftercare plan might start with a sober living program.

For this program, you move from residential rehab to a drug-free home. The home might be on or near your rehab center’s property. Your therapist will provide continued therapy, and you’ll receive 24-hour support.

Get Dedicated Prescription Drug Treatment in San Diego

If you’re a woman with a prescription drug problem, you have unique needs compared to men. Soledad House understands these needs and maintains a male-free, spiritual environment for your recovery. Our female-only facility features a community that nurtures lasting sobriety.

Soledad House grasps the challenges that you face to recover. For this reason, our rehab center has views of the coast and private, spacious living spaces. These features promote a calm and fun rehab experience. We provide treatment for several types of drug addictions, and our services include:

  • Extended care
  • Aftercare programs
  • Group therapy
  • Women’s sober living

Don’t let prescription or illicit drugs keep you from having a fulfilling life. Turn to Soledad House for a whole-person approach to treatment. Dial 866.314.3222 to begin your journey today.