Does a woman you love struggle with an addiction to Xanax? Do you see signs of this struggle and feel helpless in protecting her from the addiction? While you cannot control another person’s wellness or recovery, you can assist her in getting the help she needs with the addiction treatment services provided by Soledad House. Xanax addiction treatment in San Diego provides real hope for a better life after addiction.

Does Someone You Love Need Xanax Addiction Treatment?

A man dumps pills in his hand and probably needs the xanax addiction treatment san diego ca offersThe Xanax addiction treatment San Diego CA has to offer is a big step to a better life. However, how do you know whether your loved one needs rehab? What are the signs?

You see your loved one’s need for Xanax addiction treatment through their substance abuse. You see her missing work or letting her responsibilities slide. She sleeps a lot, more often than a typical person. At times you notice she suffers from drowsiness.

Maybe you see your friend acting disoriented or confused. Does she appear drunk at times, even when she has no alcohol? You can tell Xanax may be the cause of these symptoms when she suffers severe anxiety when not using the drug.

Damaged relationships provide another clear sign that a woman needs the Xanax addiction treatment San Diego CA offers. If the woman you care about suffers family problems and broken or unhealthy relationships, these struggles possibly stem from the addiction.

Helping Your Loved One Get Into Xanax Addiction Treatment

Identifying a drug problem is one thing. Of course, getting your loved one into treatment is the biggest hurdle to achieving recovery. Your best bet is talking to her when she is sober, not when she is under the influence of Xanax.

Finding the right opportunity for this talk is frustrating to many people. You must work around all of her Xanax side effects, such as sleepiness and distraction, as well as concentration and memory problems. Of course, when she does not use her Xanax, she likely shows intense anxiety.

Make sure you approach the subject of what Xanax addiction treatment San Diego CA offers with compassion and understanding. She needs your support; to assure her that you want to stand by her as she gets the help she needs. The stronger her support system, the more likely she will enter rehab and gain lifelong recovery.

If you need help talking to your friend or family member about Xanax addiction treatment, ask your chosen rehab for help. Soledad House in San Diego provides this help and guidance when you need it most. Because Soledad House treats only women with addiction and co-occurring conditions, your loved one will get the help she needs.

Soledad House in San Diego, CA for Treatment Among Other Women with Addiction

Your friend or family member does not stand alone in needing treatment for Xanax addiction. Many people suffer prescription drug abuse with benzodiazepines like Xanax. Her addiction problem roots more deeply than the substance abuse, however. The root problems need treatment through quality therapies and evidence-based practices.

Treatment at Soledad House in San Diego includes:

  • Residential rehab for women only
  • Extended care programs
  • Sober living and aftercare
  • Treatment for codependency on parents or partners
  • Exercise therapy
  • Spirituality and 12-step program
  • Community outings and experiences

Getting past benzo addiction happens for many people each day. The woman you love gets her life back through Xanax addiction treatment at Soledad House in San Diego. Through the right individual, group and family therapies, education and support, you see the person you care so much about once again.

Help your loved one start the journey to lasting recovery in San Diego, CA. Call Soledad House now at 866.314.3222 for more information about available programs. With the right patience and support, your loved one can find her way to treatment and healthy recovery.