There’s more to you than your addiction. Often, a woman’s spiritual component receives very little consideration in rehab. At Soledad House, it’s different. Participate in spiritual and biblical counseling for women.

How Spirituality, Religion, and Substance Abuse Treatment Intersect

three women participate in biblical counseling for womenThe 12 Steps is one of the most famous and effective counseling programs. As a direct offshoot of a religious mindset, it now benefits people from all faiths. Most importantly, it ties in neatly with biblical counseling for women at the rehab level. Mind you, it’s not necessary to subscribe to the Christian belief system to benefit from spiritual advice. Spirituality embraces the understanding that there’s a higher power. Call it whatever you like. It becomes a focal point and guiding light during recovery. Similarly, it completes you. The spiritual portion of your self experienced damage when you abused drugs. Healing it during rehab is just as important as focusing on psychotherapy, nutrition, and exercise. Without an emphasis on this part of your persona, you won’t feel whole. For someone with a Christian belief system, the treatment takes on a slightly different look.

What Biblical Counseling for Women Looks Like

Recovering with Christian counseling helps to overcome some myths. For example, many church-going women believe that substance abuse is a moral failure. It’s not true. The Bible doesn’t address addiction as a moral issue. Even so, it’s easy to enter a depression because you feel that you don’t measure up. Besides that, having the wrong impression of the condition can damage your relationship with God. That’s why biblical counseling for women emphasizes that addiction’s a disease. It can happen to anyone, no matter how involved in the church and faithful she is. This aspect of counseling emphasizes forgiveness. It exemplifies complete acceptance. Most importantly, it encourages women to forgive themselves. For many, this is often the hardest thing to do. Lapsed Christians appreciate the opportunity to reconnect with God. They return to prayer and meditation. Some begin searching for meaning within the church again. Others start to focus outward and plan to join ministries that serve people with addictions.

Spiritual Care Adds to Evidence-Based Treatments

No matter how important spiritual or biblical counseling for women is, there needs to be a focus on psychotherapy, too. Examples of evidence-based modalities include:
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that helps you find and replace negative patterns with healthy ones
  • Dialectical behavior treatment that gives you an edge when trying to regulate intense emotions
  • EMDR therapy for trauma treatment to work through difficult situations from the past that trigger drug abuse
  • Psychotherapy to overcome codependency problems in your relationships
  • Exercise therapy as a way to promote physical health and group interactions
Aftercare is an essential aspect of treatment. Once you graduate from the program, you’re ready to live sober. Some women prefer to enter a sober living home. Soledad House welcomes the opportunity to assist with this in-between step. You need to be a graduate from the 30-day program and agree to attend four 12-Step meetings a week. There’s also a weekly house meeting to discuss any issues that develop. Above all, you’ll need to submit to – and pass – random drug tests. This step is necessary to protect the integrity of the program. Moreover, you now participate in the outpatient treatment model. It enables you to meet with therapists and continue your personal growth. Many participants like this safety net. It empowers them to move out eventually and live on their own.

How to Get the Help You Need to Heal from Addiction

When you reach out for assistance, you work with an intake specialist. Soledad House works with major insurers such as Cigna and Aetna. If you have a different plan, the specialist helps you to verify benefits. Doing so ensures that you receive the maximum benefit to which your plan entitles you. The center also accepts cash. This payment method is typically a favorite for women who want to maintain anonymity. They don’t want their employers to see that they are going to rehab. Therefore, this payment option is ideally suited. No matter how you plan to pay for rehab, don’t wait to reach out for help. Biblical counseling for women is only one of the treatments that are waiting for you. Explore how Soledad House can help you regain sobriety. Call 866-314-3222 today.