Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders in the United States. Over 18% of the population struggles with some form of anxiety, and evidence suggests that women are more likely to suffer from anxiety. If you live in Southern California, then an anxiety treatment program in San Diego can be an incredible resource. Find out why the women’s-only Soledad House is the ideal place to seek support, treatment, and a fresh start in life.

Diagnosing Anxiety

A woman holds her face in her hands as she realizes she needs a San Diego anxiety treatment programBefore you can start choosing the right San Diego anxiety treatment program, you need to understand what you are treating. Often, women are aware of their own anxiety. Even if individuals have yet to receive treatment, they are often aware of the signs and symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety comes in many varieties. All too often, clients struggle with anxiety but think that it is part of everyday life. Being anxious in certain situations is normal. If anxiety prevents you from living your full life, however, then it is an obstacle that you need to address.

The first step in anxiety treatment might be getting an official diagnosis. General anxiety disorders, or GAD, are the most common. Some clients might also struggle with panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, or specific phobias. Knowing what kind of anxiety you have can help guide your treatment plan.

Meditation and Mindfulness

At Soledad House, the San Diego anxiety treatment program you enroll in might include elements of both meditation and mindfulness. Anxiety can be overwhelming, and it becomes challenging to focus on the here and now. This is normal, but meditation training makes it possible to be present in the moment.

Meditation is something that can happen in bed, on a chair, or while you’re lying on the floor. It often focuses on breathing, stillness, and a sense of gratitude. Mindfulness is similar. It encourages you to stop worrying about the past or the future. Instead, being mindful means recognizing exactly what is happening right now.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Many holistic and alternative therapies can go a long way in the treatment of anxiety. The evidence-based approach with the highest rate of success, however, is cognitive behavioral therapy. This form of treatment gives clients the tools they need to take control over their own lives and their own mental health.

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps clients face and identify their negative thoughts. Then, it asks clients to confront them. Are they realistic? What is the basis for these negative thoughts?

Identifying and then confronting these negative thoughts gives clients control over them. Instead of feeling immediately anxious about a worst-case scenario, clients can step back and assess the reality of the situation. This has the potential to be a real game-changing therapy for women who struggle with anxiety.

Anxiety and Addiction

Those who are seeking anxiety treatment may be at risk for substance abuse. Sadly, many of the women in search of support are already struggling with addiction. That’s because addiction and anxiety often go hand in hand.

When individuals suffer from anxiety, alcohol or drug abuse can feel like the only solution. While it might temporarily dull some of the symptoms of anxiety, it only worsens the problem in the long run.

Sometimes, the connection between anxiety and addiction flows in the other direction. Those who struggle with addiction may find that they develop mental health symptoms. Anxiety can be a natural symptom after a person becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol. Fortunately, dual diagnosis treatment addresses both anxiety treatment and addiction treatment at the same time.

Seeking Anxiety Treatment at Soledad House

If you’re ready to seek help at a San Diego anxiety treatment program, then consider Soledad House. Exclusively for women, Soledad House offers healing to women who struggle with a wide range of concerns. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, addiction, or both, you can benefit from the following:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Mindfulness meditation therapy
  • Exercise therapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Anxiety treatment is readily available at Soledad House in San Diego, California. Women can get the help they need for anxiety as well as addiction in one convenient location. Call 866-314-3222 and learn more about crafting your custom path to recovery.