Have you ever wished that you knew someone who provided coaching to help you with your addiction? Well, now, you do. Soledad House offers motivational and life coaching for substance abuse recovery. Coaching offers yet another layer of support, in addition to traditional therapy and support groups.

Soledad House offers motivational and life coaching as a part of our counseling techniques in San Diego. A personal life coach is available to guide you through your recovery and to keep you accountable as you strive to live life without drugs and alcohol. Our coaching program has been effective in keeping clients on the right path and ensuring long-term recovery.

What is Involved in Life Coaching?female life coach smiles at patient while taking notes during motivational and life coaching

When you partner with a life coach, you address the issues surrounding your addiction. These issues may include:

  • Relationship issues in your family
  • Job-related issues
  • Mental health struggles
  • Personal problems that you are facing

The role of your coach is to help you look at these issues in an honest manner and then find a solution for working through them. However, there is an additional element in that your coach is also here to help motivate to move forward with action, not just talk.

Your coach will not always say things you want to hear but need to hear at any given time. Soledad House coaches genuinely care about your progress and want to see you succeed at recovery. Therefore, they are willing to tackle the tough issues while providing support and care.

Why Does Motivational and Life Coaching Work?

There are four main reasons why a motivational and life coaching program in San Diego, CA works: 

1. It Keeps You Accountable

Your life coach contacts you regularly to see how things are going. At first, you may think they are prying. However, as you come to trust your life coach, you will soon find that accountability is vital to your progress. Your life coach may be the one person who is looking out for you the most.

2. Experience

Many people become life coaches because of their own experiences. They have seen the destruction that substance use disorder can do. Our coaches have years of experience in mentoring, counseling, and therapy. They have worked with numerous clients in the past, and they can help you regardless of your addiction or your life situation.

3. Communication Skills

There is a difference between motivating and nagging someone. A good coach understands that difference and knows what words, thoughts, and feelings will keep you on track. A coach will give you new ways of thinking about your life, challenge you with innovative ideas, and push the right button to stimulate you to keep climbing

4. Accelerated Growth

Once you partner with a life coach, you better hang on for the ride. A life coach can get things moving pretty fast. They understand the value of time and how little of it we all have. Soledad House coaches instill value into your life by helping you make the most of every minute. You will soon wonder how you ever functioned without a life coach.

Get to the Next Level with a Life Coach

If you are tired of the toll that women’s drug addiction has taken on your life, then today is the day to start a new life at Soledad House. Our motivational and life coaching program has been a critical factor in helping people overcome their addiction to drugs. For more information, call us at 866.314.3222. We are committed to helping you break the vicious cycle of addiction.