When you engage in substance abuse or suffer addiction, you suffer in many ways. This damage caused by these substances includes problems with your body, mind, and spirit. This is why so many people seek spiritual counseling in rehab, as they want to heal parts of themselves broken in the drug or alcohol use.

About Spiritual Counseling in Rehab Treatment

Many people want spiritual guidance and support in their addiction treatment. This spiritual counseling in rehab comes in many forms. For some, it is a 12 step program as part of which they take a spiritual journey while looking to a Higher Power. For others, church plays a role in their recovery or inner spiritual needs are met through holistic therapies. The shape your spiritual counseling for addiction takes mostly depends on your own spiritual faith, needs, and interests. However, to gain any spiritual focus in rehab treatment, you need a program that caters to those needs. Surprisingly, many do not. Soledad House in San Diego understands your spiritual needs as a woman caught in the trap of addiction. Of course, your spiritual life plays a significant role in your recovery. Through spiritual counseling at Soledad House, you work with a counselor to learn what methods suit your needs best. Spiritual counseling for addiction provides support through recognition of a Higher Power, whichever Higher Power you choose. This means that you do not “pick a religion” or focus on doctrines as part of your spiritual counseling. That is, unless that is your personal choice to do so. You can choose Christian counseling or many other spiritual approaches.

Your Role in Spiritual Rehab Counseling

a group of women engage in spiritual counseling for addictionYou play a big part in your rehab spirituality, as said before. Part of this role is gaining personal empowerment within yourself to experience your core essence. You learn how to manifest what you want from life on the healthy path of recovery. Addiction develops from many root issues, usually with some of these rooted in yourself, your family environment, past trauma, and your belief system. Mental health problems and medical issues like chronic pain also play a role for many. To free yourself from these issues and your addiction, spiritual approaches help you understand why you turn to drugs or alcohol. Spiritual counseling for addiction dives deeply into your soul to achieve spiritual, emotional, and physical balance. You don’t spend time in these sessions reading the Bible or pouring over religious texts. Instead, you work on loving yourself under the guidance and support of a caring counselor. On this journey, you learn about your true self to find lifelong healing.

Methods of Spirituality in Rehab

For your spiritually-based rehab treatment, multiple methods are available to you. These include mindfulness, meditation, yoga, breath work, cognitive behavioral therapy, compassionate self-forgiveness, and affirmations, as well as activities that build your self-esteem. The 12 steps in a 12 step-based recovery program also help you use focused spirituality in your recovery. In whatever form your spiritual treatment takes, these programs provide you greater access to your inner being, wisdom, and intuition. You gain compassion for yourself and clarity about how your addiction is a journey to grace, as well as deeper relationships with people around you.

Soledad House in San Diego Provides Spiritual Counseling

As part of your rehab treatment at Soledad House in San Diego, you gain spiritual counseling for addiction recovery and healing. The programs at Soledad House form on the 12 steps, giving you a direct pathway to your own Higher Power and greater strength in recovery. This foundation also helps you return home sober, supported, and connected to your own local community support groups. Programs and services at Soledad House rehab for women include the following:
  • Residential and outpatient rehab
  • 12 step recovery
  • Extended care
  • Aftercare and sober living
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Holistic and recreational methods
For your strongest recovery, turn to the help provided by Soledad House in San Diego. Get reconnected to your inner being and gain the spiritual counseling you hunger for today. Call 866-314-3222 for more information about available women’s programs in San Diego.