Dedication and a desire for sobriety aren’t always enough to get you through recovery. If you’re serious about overcoming addiction and embracing a sober lifestyle, you can benefit from professional assistance. A drug rehab center like Soledad House can help women find their way through recovery. Take a look at some things that a rehab center can offer clients.

Peers and Social Activities

woman holding coffee recovers at a drug rehab centerThere’s no question that an evidence-based approach to sobriety is the foundation for recovery. However, a great drug rehab center will also provide clients with a network of support and social interaction. Your peers may go on to be more than just your companions: They may become your lifelong friends and support system.

In a women’s drug rehab center, there are countless opportunities for social interaction. Soledad House goes the extra mile to ensure that all clients have the chance to meet like-minded peers who are going through the same recovery process. This begins in group therapy when participants can share and be vulnerable in a safe setting.

There are also lots of opportunities to socialize and have fun. This is important because it shows that a sober life can still be full of enjoyable activities.

Just some of the activities you can look forward to include the following:

  • Beach trips
  • Skiing and snowboarding outings
  • Visits to local restaurants
  • Rollerblading
  • Sober parties
  • Overnight camping trips

A Drug Rehab Center Offers Safety and Security

A drug rehab center can also provide you with a level of safety. While you can try to recover from addiction on your own, you’ll always be vulnerable to temptations. Plus, there can be medical risks involved in an unsupervised rehab program. In a physical drug rehab facility, you’ll have all the support and security you need.

This support includes medical care and frequent check-ups. Additionally, it means you’ll be in a closed facility free from drugs or alcohol. When individuals are in a rehab program, it also gives their loved ones peace of mind. This can be very appealing to those beginning recovery, their family members, and their friends.

Customized Plan for Recovery

There’s no such thing as a recovery plan that suits every single person. Every individual client is unique, and that means that every individual client deserves a unique plan for recovery. At Soledad House, incoming clients go through a comprehensive intake evaluation. This sets the stage for their individualized plan.

Some clients, for example, may transition right from residential care to an independent lifestyle. Others may do best with a step-down approach that includes extended care or outpatient programs. Some clients will require dual diagnosis treatment and support for mental health concerns, while others may want to focus on issues like personal relationships. Having the flexibility to adjust the program to fit the needs of each client is the ideal solution.

Spiritual Development and Fulfillment

Recovery is about more than just getting sober. While the physical factors are important, you’ll only stay sober and resist relapse if you’re happy and fulfilled in your life. That’s why many rehab centers place an emphasis on spiritual development.

This doesn’t have to be religious, although some clients opt to pursue a religious path. Instead, it’s about finding a way to relieve stress, build confidence and pursue happiness. It could be as simple as daily meditation exercises, and yoga is also a popular activity for many clients.

In short, a drug rehab center can offer you a new lease on life. Take back the life you deserve at Soledad House in San Diego, CA. Call 866-314-3222 to begin working toward health, happiness, and sobriety today.