a woman after successful long term inpatient drug rehabYou have options when it comes to your drug addiction treatment. These options include short-term rehab programs. However, they also include long term inpatient drug rehab, for your best chance of lasting recovery. Consider approaching rehab without putting time limits on your wellness. Rehab is not a race to finish. It’s part of a lasting approach to recovery that you continue throughout your lifetime. Entering a long term inpatient drug rehab gives you more significant focus on your own needs, as well as on gaining enough confidence in sobriety before going back to life on your own.

Your addiction took a long time to develop to the point your life fell apart around you. It takes a long time to restore your health and happiness, too. In fact, you need to be better than you were before substance abuse. You need treatment for issues that existed before the first time you drank or abused drugs.

For most people, the best solution for these lifelong issues comes from long term inpatient drug rehab. Your rehab treatment should not be a gamble. Taking a long-term approach to lasting wellness makes more sense.

How Quick Rehab Programs Started

Short term rehab options started in response to insurance company requirements. However, this is working backward; providing treatment based on what your insurance company dictates. Instead, you need treatment based on your disease recovery needs.

Most people find paying for rehab without insurance difficult. So when insurance companies limited how long they would pay for treatment, most rehab centers adjusted their programs to a shorter length. This usually means 28 or 30 days in rehab. However, this provides professionals little time to give you the individualized treatment you need for lasting recovery.

When you think about it, short-term rehab likely contributes to high relapse rates for drug and alcohol addiction. Trying to heal a long-term problem with a short-term solution usually does not work. Such is the case for most people going through short-term rehab.

About Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab

Long term inpatient drug rehab offers no guarantees, of course. However, it does provide your best chance of lasting recovery. According to addiction experts and research statistics, more extended programs of 90 days or more work best for long-term sobriety.

Experts believe long term inpatient drug rehab works best for several reasons, including:

  • Understanding and fixing issues that led to your addiction
  • Breaking strong cycles of your dependence
  • Giving you a safe place to focus on recovery without distractions, triggers or temptations
  • Identifying destructive behaviors and patterns, then eliminating them
  • Rebuilding your life skills to prevent feeling overwhelmed in early recovery
  • Gaining coping and relapse prevention skills
  • Rebuilding your physical health and wellness through provided nutrition and fitness programs

Many people say they sleep better in rehab than they have in years. This good sleep in early recovery comes from feeling safe and secure in treatment. It also comes from the positive changes your body goes through in recovery, after a long period of addiction. The rehab program provides everything you need for your healthiest lifestyle, taking that stress off your shoulders and letting you focus on rebuilding your life.

Long Term Rehab for Women in San Diego

In San Diego, California women just like you gain the help they need from Soledad House. Soledad House provides women’s drug and alcohol addiction rehab for durable, lasting recovery. This treatment includes:

  • Residential treatment
  • Extended care
  • Sober living and aftercare
  • 12 step program foundation
  • Exercise therapy

For the long term inpatient drug rehab you need, call Soledad House at 866-314-3222. You can gain lasting sobriety while you rebuild your life for a better future. Call now for Soledad House’s help.