When you seek recovery from alcohol addiction, one thing holding you back may be the rehab experience itself. Maybe you suffered trauma in your past or have other deep issues you want to work on, but hesitate to do so in mixed company. Alternatively, perhaps you want to focus on your recovery and not on interpersonal relationships with the opposite sex. For whatever reason gender-specific rehab makes you more comfortable, you will benefit from a womens alcohol addiction program.

Why Seek Womens Alcohol Addiction Program Help?

a woman holding a shot of liquor likely needs a womens alcohol addiction programSeeking a womens alcohol addiction program makes sense for many people. In fact, more and more Americans are seeking gender-specific treatment with each coming year. Of course, your comfort is your own priority, and you need not worry about what others think of this decision. Instead, simply look for a women’s alcohol addiction program and start getting the help you need.

Some reasons why others seek gender-specific rehab include:

Society puts a lot of pressure on both genders. For males, the pressure involves being a breadwinner, not showing emotion and other stressors of stereotypical roles and expectations. For women, societal pressures include more experiences with personal trauma than most men, such as sexual assault and domestic violence. Other pressures include family expectations and needing a stronger voice in your life.

There are no wrong reasons for wanting womens alcohol addiction program help. The only wrong thing is not seeking this help when you need it. So look to San Diego for a womens alcohol addiction program at Soledad House.

Women-Only Programs at Soledad House

Soledad House provides safety, security, and peace of mind for your rehab experience. You feel less inhibited in talking about the causes for your addiction, such as past traumas. You also benefit from being able to openly discuss other truths of your alcohol problem, such as how it affects your daily life.

Soledad House offers a womens alcohol addiction program environment as best suited for females. This includes personal comforts, privacy, nurturing staff, holistic methods that work well for women, and program methods like family therapy. In this male-free environment, you enjoy relaxed approaches to your wellness with the structure and focus you need.

Family Therapy in Womens Alcohol Rehab

One of the most important aspects of womens alcohol treatment or a womens drug addiction program is family therapy. Maybe you still live with your parents and siblings, or perhaps you live on your own. You or other female clients possibly have your own families to take care of. With all of these types of families, you experience things uniquely from a woman’s point of view.

Through family therapy, your therapists help you rebuild broken relationships. You mend the family structure and regain your loved ones’ confidence through addiction education and their own learning about your conditions. To achieve these changes, you delve into past issues that caused pain and discord. Slowly, you move forward together for a better family life when you return home in sobriety.

San Diego Based Treatment for Your Alcohol Recovery

Sunny San Diego is the setting for Soledad House, a rehab program designed specifically for women as a relaxing retreat from your roles outside of the treatment environment. Your program forms around the 12 steps, so you enjoy support in and outside of rehab. This makes going home easier and gives you immediate options for anonymous group participation in your everyday life. You work on many sides of yourself and your deepest needs at Soledad House, including your body, mind, and spirit.

Of course, rehab treatment is not all work. You also enjoy some time to bask in the San Diego sun while among your peers in recovery.

Outdoor activities at Soledad House include beach outings and camping. With your new, close female friends all around you, you feel the freedom even to enjoy outings and hobbies you possibly never considered before. Restaurants and sober parties provide other recreation and diversion.

Programs and services of Soledad House’s treatment for women include:

For your best option for womens alcohol addiction program treatment, call Soledad House now at 866-314-3222. In San Diego, you can change your life among female peers in a safe environment. So call now.