Addictions of any kind affect the lives of families, friends, and loved ones of those struggling with addiction. Often, the first step to addiction treatment and recovery is realizing the need for treatment and desiring change. The willingness to change patterns, break addictive cycles, and seek out addiction treatment and recovery programs can begin the healing process of those struggling with addiction. It also allows for an addiction treatment plan to be designed to meet the individual’s specific needs. Finding the right treatment program for you, your family, and your loved ones is the first step to regaining your life and independence.

If you or a woman in your life is looking for women’s-only addiction treatment and recovery program, learn more about our range of Christian-based rehab programs at San Diego’s Soledad House today. Reach out to our team online or call us at 866.314.3222.

What to Look For in Addiction Treatment and Recovery Programs

The sheer number of recovery programs available in California and nationwide can be overwhelming. Often, it’s unclear what type of program will best fit an individual and family’s needs. It can be especially hard when you know you or a loved one needs support, but you have no idea what to look for. When looking for addiction treatment and recovery support, consider the following:

Services and Therapies in Rehab Programs

It’s best to pick a program that offers multiple types of therapies to determine what works best for your individual needs. Additionally, you might consider whether you want a same-sex or mixed-gender facility. For women and men alike it’s easier to communicate, display vulnerability, and bond in single-gender programs.

While it may feel hard to identify the perfect addiction recovery program, it’s important to consider what best fits your individual comfort levels and your lifestyle. For some, local programs are a perfect fit. For others, a secluded program away from home is just what they need.

Start Addiction Treatment and Recovery in Beautiful San Diego, California

Sometimes, beginning the road to recovery feels like taking a leap of faith. It can be daunting, overwhelming, and full of unknown challenges and possibilities. If you or a woman in your life is struggling with addiction and is ready for addiction treatment and recovery consider Soledad House today. Soledad House uses a women’s only, faith-based, holistic approach to healing addictions ranging from prescription drugs and alcohol to narcotics. We combine Christian faith with traditional therapies including EMDR, 12-step programs, behavioral therapy, and psychotherapy. We believe in meeting women wherever they are in their recovery journey in beautiful San Diego, CA. Our programs range in support from inpatient to sober living. If you’re ready for Christian faith-based rehab at one of Southern California’s best addiction and recovery treatment facilities, reach us online or contact us at 866.314.3222 today for more information.