Choosing a women’s addiction treatment program can be challenging for a number of reasons. You have to consider a variety of factors, including available programs, therapies, and even location. When choosing a rehab facility, one of the most important things to take into account is the need for specialized treatment. At a women’s addiction treatment center, you’ll receive treatment specifically geared towards your needs as a female.

Why Should I Choose A Women’s Addiction Treatment Facility?

When it comes to women’s addiction recovery, women have different needs than men. Women often turn to drugs and alcohol for different reasons than men do. Some of the most common reasons include emotional trauma and a history of sexual abuse. Additionally, women with drug or alcohol addictions often find that some of the issues that arise (sexual promiscuity to obtain drugs, unwanted pregnancies, and legal concerns) can cause their substance abuse problems to escalate.

In a women’s rehab program, therapists can address these issues head-on without the added stress and complication of having men around. Many women feel uncomfortable speaking in group therapy about female-specific recovery issues when men are present. Talking about issues like sexual abuse or rape can be especially difficult. Women’s addiction treatment facilities provide a safe space for women to openly and comfortably discuss these issues.

What Does Women’s Addiction Treatment Offer?

Apart from a safe space to discuss past traumas and the way addiction affects their everyday lives, a women’s addiction treatment facility like Soledad House has a lot to offer women seeking recovery. Some of the services that a quality women’s treatment facility should offer include:

  • Family therapy program
  • Private, male-free environment
  • Nurturing staff
  • Holistic therapy
  • Strict schedule to promote recovery

Women’s addiction treatment includes various women’s rehab programs like:

  • Women’s alcohol rehab
  • Women’s drug rehab

Among the most important services that a rehab facility can provide for women is the option for family therapy. Rebuilding a broken family tends to be a high priority for female patients. Through family therapy, therapists work to rebuild family ties and structure. The only way to improve family discord is to discuss past hurtful issues and begin to move forward. Soledad House offers these services in a way that benefits all family members.

Additionally, a women’s only treatment center gives patients the opportunity to get well without the distraction of having the opposite sex around. Many times, co-ed treatment takes away the effectiveness of programs for both men and women. Gender-specific treatment centers like Soledad House make it possible for patients to focus solely on their recovery without worrying about potentially complicated relationships.

Women’s Recovery in San Diego, California

Located in sunny San Diego, California, Soledad House Recovery Program for Women offers a private, relaxing retreat for women seeking recovery. Our individualized rehab programs are based on the tenets of the 12 step program. We place heavy importance on spirituality, education and community for a strong, sustainable recovery.

We also believe it’s important for women to learn how to enjoy themselves in sobriety. Patients can enjoy outdoor activities like going to the beach and camping. Additionally, we offer opportunities to go out to restaurants and enjoy sober facility-sponsored parties. These activities allow guests to mingle and enjoy themselves without using drugs or alcohol as a crutch.

If you’re ready to enjoy long-lasting recovery geared specifically towards your needs, Soledad House can help. Call 866.314.3222 today to learn more about our women’s addiction treatment programs and how we can get you on the path to sobriety.