Extended Care


Here at Soledad House, we believe in creating a safe and structured environment to help you transition back to the real world. We also understand that it often takes more than just 30 days to change a lifetime of learned behaviors and habits. Our goal is to make sure each client has enough time to get back on their feet. This is why we offer extended care treatment as part of our women’s addiction treatment programs.

Why Addiction Recovery Requires Extended Care

We want individuals to establish a solid recovery foundation before moving on to their next step. It’s important to remember that addiction doesn’t happen overnight—and neither does recovery. Over time, drugs or alcohol change the brain chemistry of individuals with addiction. What once made them happy now pales in comparison to getting the next fix or high. Moreover, cravings can continue for weeks and months after individuals get sober.


Extended care gives individuals in active recovery a buffer from the real world for a little longer. It gives them time to continue building routines, learning hobbies, and benefiting from therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and even holistic therapies.

The more structure and accountability individuals in recovery have, the better their chances of long-term recovery. Because of this, we offer extended care programs of 90 days or longer to ensure that these individuals are ready to re-enter society.

Aftercare and Sober Living At Our Women’s Recovery Center

In addition to our extended care services, we also offer aftercare and sober living programs. These services add up to a year of support for our women. We want to spend enough time with each client so that they can achieve their goal of long-term sobriety and never have to go through the treatment process again. Both aftercare programs and sober living programs give all of our patients the opportunity to do the following:

Beat Your Active Addiction at Our Recovery Center

At Soledad House, you’ll spend 90 days or more with us as you prepare for a lifetime of sobriety. We’ll help you get over some of the tallest hurdles while you’re with us. Then, we’ll give you the tools and coping skills needed to enjoy long-term recovery. Some of our methods of treatment include:
Combined with an extended stay, these therapies help our women achieve and maintain recovery. For more tips on navigating recovery or to learn more and begin your journey to sobriety, give Soledad House a call at 866.314.3222.



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