Life Skills Training


Many women in recovery benefit from a life skills training program as part of women’s addiction treatment programs. This program, which is part of our comprehensive approach to addiction treatment at Soledad House, can help you rebuild your life in sobriety. Addiction can cause damage to your physical and mental health, your relationships, and even your finances. Life skills training can help you get back on your feet and become the healthiest version of yourself. With help and support from experienced therapists and addiction treatment specialists, you’ll work on self-care habits, financial planning, meal planning, and finding steady income and stable housing after treatment.

If you’re struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and are ready for a new life, reach out to Soledad House today. In our women’s recovery center in California, we offer life skills training in addition to our relapse prevention programs.

The Importance of Life Skills Training in Addiction Recovery

Life skills training can help you improve your life in recovery. What do you learn in life skills training for women? During sessions in a life skills program, you’ll hone essential skills that you’ll use to build a healthier, happier, and more productive life. Some of the topics that you might cover in our life skills program include:

Participating in a motivation and life skills coaching program can help you be better prepared for life after rehab.

What to Expect from Life Skills Training

Life skills training helps you learn to handle your daily responsibilities. In recovery, you’ll no longer be held back by drug and alcohol use. Instead, with the proper life skills, you’ll be able to manage your daily responsibilities in healthy ways.

Part of this responsibility includes developing a healthy routine. Having a routine helps you stay balanced and on top of your goals while keeping you from going back to old patterns. Your new routine might include activities like attending support meetings, going to therapy, eating well, enjoying physical activities, and going to bed on time. You’ll also learn to wake up at a healthy time to start your productive routine over again.

One important life skill is financial stability. Addiction can make it difficult to maintain employment. However, in recovery, you’ll need to find a steady source of income and manage your money well. We’ll help you learn essential budgeting skills so you can set yourself up for stability. You’ll learn about taking responsibility for your living space and how to keep it clean and organized.

Nutrition and personal hygiene also play a big role in recovery. While addiction can take a physical toll, in recovery you’ll become your healthiest self. Through a life skills program, you’ll rebuild a healthy body and mind that is able to take on life’s challenges. Managing your medications and taking them as directed is also part of life skills training

You’ll also build stronger relationships by controlling your emotions, being more self-aware, engaging in conversation, and communicating effectively.

Reach Out to Soledad House Today

Your training in life skills at Soledad House in San Diego, California can help you rebuild a healthier, happier life. Through this training, you more easily find a place in society where you can prosper rather than feel lost. Soledad House is a holistic addiction treatment center for women.

Our treatment programs for women also include:
Soledad House’s treatment programs can help you sustain recovery long-term. Overcoming addiction is possible. Learn effective coping and life skills in our San Diego women’s rehab. Reach out to Soledad House today at 866.314.3222 or connect with us online to learn more.



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