Aftercare Addiction Program


Recovery is a long road, but anyone can have an incredible life of sobriety if they’re willing to put in the work. When looking for women’s addiction treatment programs you want to ensure that you’re going to one that will provide an aftercare program. Inpatient rehab is going to set you up with a foundation for your recovery, but life will test your resolve when you’re back to your everyday routine. There are many different ways you can continue to strengthen your sobriety, and some of them include:

Ongoing Aftercare Program for Addiction

Once you complete treatment, you’re officially a Soledad House alumna. At this point, quality addiction treatment centers will provide you with an aftercare program for addiction. During treatment, the clinical team will teach you about addiction and different skills to cope with life’s stresses. When it’s time to leave treatment and put your recovery to the test, it can sometimes be a struggle. Because of this, it’s reassuring to have a facility that’s going to provide you with ongoing care and addiction recovery resources on how to start over after addiction.


In aftercare programming, you can come back and meet with qualified clinicians who will assist you with your new challenges. This is also a great way to stay connected with others who have been through treatment as well. Going back to work, going home to be with family and dealing with friends can sometimes be difficult. Coming back for ongoing care gives you a safe place to discuss these obstacles and learn to overcome them while maintaining your sobriety.

Sober Living Homes in San Diego, California

One of the best ways to ensure additional support once you leave treatment is to move into a women’s sober living home. A sober living home is a house that the addiction treatment center monitors. In these homes, you can come and go, have a job, go back to school and visit your loved ones. This type of living environment gives you a safe place to come home to where you’ll also have support from others who are staying sober.

Working 12-Step Programs

Alcoholics Anonymous was the first 12-step fellowship. Over the years, they’ve seen so much success that many other 12-step programs now exist. Going to meetings allows you to hear a message of hope and get suggestions from others who are actively working on their sobriety. In these meetings, you’ll meet people who have been where you have but have been able to stay sober for years. This gives you the chance to gain relapse prevention support from others who have overcome addiction and learned to live an incredible, sober life.

Here at Soledad House, we treat women who are struggling with addictions to alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription medications. Our women’s addiction treatment programs are specifically for women and the issues that they deal with that lead to addiction. Some of our programs include sober parties, experiential outings, and spiritual activities. We’ll give you the tools that you’ll need to be the woman you want to be. Call 866.314.3222 today for more information about our addiction treatment options and aftercare program.



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