Women face unique challenges when trying to overcome an addiction. Sadly, many women’s addiction treatment programs lack the resources and addiction treatment therapies to help them recover. At Soledad House, we understand the needs of women seeking recovery. With multiple levels of care and multidisciplinary approaches to addiction recovery, our gender-responsive rehab center is ready to guide you or someone you love to lasting healing.

The Importance of Gender-Responsive Addiction Treatment Therapies

Men and women have inherently different needs when it comes to recovery. In fact, they often begin down the road to addiction for different reasons. In a co-ed addiction treatment environment, it can be difficult for women to discuss issues like sexual or physical abuse. As a result, they’re less likely to be open and honest with members of the opposite sex. Fearing men will judge their past or their lifestyle choices, they lack an outlet to vocalize their concerns.

Additionally, a co-ed environment increases the potential for intimacy, particularly since men and women are more vulnerable during early recovery. When men and women go through addiction treatment therapies together, it can create distractions that can serve as a setback to recovery.

Our women’s only drug and alcohol rehab facility promotes a collaborative, non-judgmental atmosphere. During your time at our sanctuary for healing, you’ll be in a safe space where you can comfortably discuss issues with your peers.

Finding Spirituality in Recovery

Along with proven therapeutic modalities, we help women to get in touch with their spirituality. Keep in mind, however, that this is separate from finding religion. While the 12 steps encourage women to have faith in a higher power, that simply means that you should have faith in something bigger than yourself. Additionally, staff members at Soledad House will never force religion upon any of our residents. Whatever or whomever your higher power is, getting in touch with your spirituality plays a major role in your addiction recovery.

Life-Changing Addiction Treatment Therapies

Women in search of change can find a new beginning at our San Diego rehab facility. In addition to an atmosphere conducive to healing and holistic addiction treatment, we offer numerous evidence-based addiction treatment therapies, including:

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