Family Therapy Program


One of the biggest triggers that women with addictions struggle with is family, which can be a hard subject to broach. However, if you’re looking to get sober from drugs or alcohol, it’s important to go to a facility with family addiction treatment therapies. Addiction affects all members of the family, which includes spouses, children, and parents. In order to fully recover from addiction, everyone needs to meet on a common ground of tolerance and understanding.

Why Family Therapy is Crucial to Recovery

Once you learn if or how your family is triggering your addiction, and how addiction affects families, it’s time to begin healing with your family. Family therapy helps on many different levels. The first is teaching you how to communicate with family in sobriety. Additionally, through family sessions in your women’s addiction treatment program, your family will learn how to support your recovery while you change for the better.


Women are often the primary caregivers. For this very reason, many women never get the help they need for addiction. It can be very difficult for a woman who’s also a wife or a mother to take the time she needs to heal from addiction. While in treatment, individuals begin to learn the importance of taking care of themselves in recovery as well. Often, we can view self-care as selfish, but it’s crucial to remember that we can’t pour from an empty cup.

For some women, toxic relationships keep them in active addiction for so long. This can be a verbally or physically abusive relationship with a spouse or even a significant other who doesn’t think a problem exists. Through individual and group therapy, women can learn how crucial their sobriety is to long-term health. Treatment also helps patients see their relationship patterns, including codependency, and how to form healthier bonds.

Family Therapy for Loved Ones

Some individuals come into treatment with a traumatic past that’s the root of their drinking or drug use. Some of these issues may be the result of a troubled childhood or teenage years. At the end of the day, recovery is about letting go of the past and moving forward. In addiction, the entire family goes through a traumatic experience and must heal. It’s important for family members to attend therapy to change some of the common preconceptions of addiction, including the following:
Many family members don’t know what to expect from a loved one once she leaves treatment, so this helps the process. By attending family sessions as part of the treatment program, the family is able to truly understand addiction. This helps to give them realistic expectations of their loved one when she’s in treatment and when she leaves. It’s also important for the family to understand how they can best support her recovery.

Multiple Addiction Treatment Programs

Not only does Soledad House specialize in family therapy, but we also provide an individualized addiction treatment plan. We have a wide range of other therapies, including:
While you’re here, you’ll attend sober parties so you can see that it’s possible to have a great time sober. We’ll also introduce you to spiritual activities to help you begin healing as a whole. Our facility can help you become the woman you want to be. Call today at 866.314.3222 to discuss our addiction treatment programs.



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