Group Therapy Program


There are multiple ways to overcome an addiction. One of the most effective and common options is group therapy. Explore some key benefits of group counseling and addiction treatment therapies for treating drug and alcohol addictions.

Minimize Isolation

Addiction can be very lonely. Unfortunately, recovery can also be lonely. Although the road to recovery is one of positive change, many people still feel isolated or misunderstood.

It’s easy to feel like no one else understands the reality of addiction. Staff members, medical professionals, and even family members may mean well, but they can’t know unless they’ve also experienced addiction.


In a group therapy session, all participants are going through similar struggles. Even those who are in recovery understand cravings, temptations, and day-to-day challenges. By participating in a group session, people feel connected. It’s hard to say that you’re alone when you’re surrounded by others who have been exactly where you are now.

Increases Social and Communication Skills

Addiction can cause countless problems and change many aspects of an individual’s life. One of the ways it negatively impacts people’s lifestyles is by damaging social skills. Individuals who have been abusing substances for a long time may not remember how to socialize or interact while sober.

There’s a learning curve involved, but it can be tough to head out into the world and go on job interviews or make new friends. In some ways, group counseling is like the introductory course to communication.

In a group setting, individuals will have the chance to listen to others and respond appropriately. They can tell stories and share experiences. There’s a protocol to follow, and everyone who wants to speak will get a turn. This is a fantastic way to brush up on communication skills and prepare for life after rehab.

Allows for Judgement-Free Sharing

Addiction is an illness and it causes many people to do and say things they regret. It can be cathartic to share these experiences, but nobody wants to feel judged. A group setting offers a judgment-free zone.

Everyone in the group has struggled with addiction at some point, so they all understand the nature of the disease. No one will be judgmental, and there’s usually protocol in place to only offer constructive input.

Having a safe space for sharing encourages people to speak up. Additionally, most group sessions are anonymous, so only individuals in the group will hear what others share.

Opportunity to Gain Perspective From Peers

Another benefit of group therapy is that it can offer perspective. It’s common during rehab to feel alienated or victimized, and many individuals don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. In group counseling, peers will be honest about the situation.

The advice from peers can often be more relevant and more helpful than the words from family members, partners, friends or even professional counselors. People who understand addiction are in the best position to offer input and perspective on life after addiction.

Group Therapy at Our Recovery Center

At Soledad House, our addiction recovery groups in San Diego are a big part of the overall addiction treatment plan. Since we provide a women-only environment, the group dynamic is even more specific and more helpful. Women can experience a sense of camaraderie and support that they can’t get anywhere else. In addition to group therapy, patients can work toward recovery thanks to the following treatment methods:
Group therapy can be a wonderful tool in the fight against addiction. At Soledad House in San Diego, California, women can take strides toward their sobriety. Contact us at 866.314.3222 to begin your journey to recovery.



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