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Our staff is comprised of highly educated and experienced personnel with many years of practical experience working at premier rehabilitation centers.
At Soledad House, we believe every person coming into our program deserves the best possible treatment. Our staff has numerous years of experience working at premier rehabilitation centers, affording our residents the highest level of care possible at our rehab center in California. To learn more about Soledad House, contact us today.

Christian Small, MD

Medical Director & Psychiatrist

Christian Small, MD is board certified in addiction psychiatry, general psychiatry and family medicine. He is one of a handful of doctors in the US who have the experience and training to treat full spectrum medical and psychiatric illness. Dr. Small has become a leader in delivering evidence-based addiction practices, medical and psychiatric care to addiction treatment programs. He is the founder of Headlands Addiction Treatment Services, an innovative company bringing the highest level of patient care to substance treatment and mental health programs. Dr. Small was previously employed by the Veterans Administration in La Jolla as an addiction psychiatrist and at the University of California San Diego. He is a graduate of the University of Hawaii John A Burns School of Medicine and completed a residency in Psychiatry and Family Medicine at UCSD.



After 8 years of Operations and Logistics at Avalon Capital Group Inc, Ms. Farmer joined Soledad House in early 2017. Allie is a graduate of the University of Redlands, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. With over 15 years of experience in operations, business management, and workplace dynamics, Allie oversees Soledad House as a whole, exceling at analyzing data to enhance and improve all company functions. Allie is dedicated to helping women achieve recovery from addiction and mental health issues, grow into their divine purpose, and flourish in life spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


Born and raised in Northern California, Kristin graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and American Multicultural Studies and her Master of Arts in Marital Family Therapy from the University of San Diego. She has spent the last fifteen years working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, geriatric, insurance, crisis/first responder and military populations. Kristin most recently worked as a Psychiatric Emergency Response Clinician with the San Diego Police Department, providing clinical support to law enforcement and the community for dispatch calls involving persons in mental health crisis. She provided education and training to public safety personnel on mental health issues to ensure effective and compassionate interventions with persons in mental health crisis, as well as their family members and support persons. Kristin has also worked on Naval Base San Diego at the Fleet and Family Support Center, providing therapy to Active Duty service members and their families. She also deployed with various commands as part of the Navy’s Return and Reunion Program, providing counseling and life skills workshops to service members as they sailed back to their homeports. Kristin provided clinically driven and evidence-based resiliency training for FOCUS (Families Overcoming Under Stress) program for the UCLA Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior. During this time, she worked closely with the Wounded Warrior detachment at Naval Medical Center Balboa. Kristin completed her practicum work at Rady Children’s Hospital Outpatient Psychiatry. This placement was the start of Kristin’s passion for incorporating creative interventions with both art and play therapy modalities and incorporating family and systems work into her practice. Kristin enjoys teaching and spent the last 7 years as an Associate Faculty Professor in Human Services, Psychology, Counseling and the Marital and Family Therapy graduate programs at the University of Phoenix, San Diego Campus. She is excited to now be sharing her passion and expertise with the women at Soledad.

Ashlee Griebel

Director of Operations
Ashlee has been an integral part of Soledad House since 2016, bringing her devotion and passion for enriching women’s lives in recovery. As an alumnus of Soledad House, she understands the journey firsthand and has utilized her experience to support others both within and outside the organization. With years of commitment and empathy, Ashlee has become a vital pillar of the Soledad House community, embodying the values of compassion and resilience in her work every day.


Chantal has an unmatched compassion for people in early recovery. She loves being a part of someone’s decision to get sober and remains deeply invested in their journey through treatment and beyond. Chantal passionately carries the message of hope to everyone she helps.


Lauren has over 10 years of experience working in the behavioral health and substance use disorder field. She has had a variety of roles at Soledad House which gives her a unique understanding and relatability to the women she works with. Lauren obtained her Alcohol and Other Drug Studies certificate at San Diego City College in 2019 and is certified in the state of California as an SUDCC II. She is currently working on towards her Masters of Social Work degree at the University of Utah and is set to complete her graduate program at the end of 2023.
Lauren believes that fostering an environment of empowerment, self-worth, community, and healing is an essential piece in the recovery process. Lauren is dedicated to making sure the women at Soledad are getting their needs met and is grateful to walk alongside the women as they begin their journey into recovery.


Kylie, an active member of the recovery community and a Soledad alumnus, brings a wealth of personal experience and professional expertise as a certified sober companion and recovery coach. With an enthusiastic dedication to sobriety and a genuine passion for empowering woman on their recovery journey, Kylie utilizes her background in history and art history to enrich her holistic approach to healing. Currently a student at SDSU, she continues to expand her knowledge and skills, embodying a commitment to lifelong learning and growth both in her personal and professional endeavors.

Dr. Alexis Gutierrez-Rafe


Dr. Gutierrez-Rafe is a psychological associate experienced in treating anxiety, depression and trauma.  She utilizes an integrative approach, incorporating Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and other evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Attachment Competency, and Regulation (ARC). She has experience working for a strength based, relational, attachment focused model. She believes in adapting her approach to best fit the unique presenting needs of each of her clients. Dr. Gutierrez-Rafe enjoys utilizing a strength-based approach that values a strong collaborative relationship with her patients that considers their unique multifaceted backgrounds. 

Dr. Gutierrez-Rafe graduated with a BA from the University of California Davis and earned her Doctorate of Psychology from The Wright Institute. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at Oakes Children’s Center in San Francisco, CA and a formal post-doctoral residency in the Child and Family Psychology Department at Kaiser Richmond, CA. 

Julianne Shuman, CADC-II

Counselor & Case Manager

Julianne is an AOD counselor with over 10 years of experience working with diverse populations in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings. With lived experience and integrative approaches in codependency, adult-child (ACA) people with disabilities and LGBTQ+. Julianne is passionate about her professional work with clients and spends her free time connecting with nature, camping, climbing, hiking, scuba, etc.

Mary Roach, SUDCC

Counselor & Case Manager

Mary is a certified substance use disorder counselor with a passion for helping others find freedom from the desperation and shame cycle that addiction traps us in. She uses both life experience and evidenced based practice to guide women through the process of early recovery and is passionate about trauma-informed, client-centered care.

She discovered her passion for the alcohol and other drug studies program at San Diego City College which has driven her to obtain as much education and understanding of addiction and trauma as possible. She obtained an associate degree in behavioral science with a focus on alcohol and other drug studies and is in the process of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Mary understands that recovery is not a “one-sized fits all process” and collaborates with women suffering from addiction to help them find their own path to recover and is dedicated to continuing her education to learn more about the impact trauma has on women suffering from addiction. Mary’s use of unconditional positive regard and motivational interviewing empowers women to build discrepancies in negative self-talk, find their voices, and build self-efficacy to begin their recovery journey.



Dorian has a bachelor’s degree from California State University, San Marco in Sociology with an emphasis on family systems.  She is currently obtaining her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Touro Worldwide University and will graduate in fall of 2024. Dorian obtained her Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate from San Diego City College 2014 and was certified in Breathwork in 2021. 

Dorian is fiercely passionate in joining with her clients to achieve success in building a life independent of substance use and mental health symptoms. She uses a creative and unique approach with different therapeutic modalities in understanding the diverse needs of her clients.  She believes in a whole-body approach with treating maladaptive thoughts, somatic responses, spiritual disconnection, and problematic behaviors.  Dorian has 10 years of experience working in the substance use and mental health field.  She focuses on empowering women to live a purposeful life. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, running, painting, knitting, yoga, and spending time with her beautiful family. 

Tricia Housley, CADC II

Tricia Housley is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor with over 19 years of experience in trauma informed substance abuse treatment. She has experience in working with treatment teams, interventions, co-occurring treatment in residential and intensive outpatient programs where she uses Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior Models in support of best outcomes. Prior to her time at Soledad House, she worked with Mental Health Systems for over 7 years serving women in the process of reunifying with their children. She currently provides individual and group counseling for women who may struggle with a wide array of psychological, emotional and or substance abuse issues. She specializes trauma and abuse, relationships issues, co-dependency and recovery issues. She believes in a strength based, solution-focused counseling approach to help clients overcome internal struggles and reach their full potential. Tricia is passionate about her work as a counselor, helping others, and values taking the time to explore emotions and relationships in greater depth. Driven by her personal experience and strong desire toward healing, Tricia has dedicated over 19 years of her life to guiding women to live a healthy lifestyle free from alcohol, drugs and trauma. Her personal experience, her strong belief in a life being recovered, restored, reconciled and her passion for helping others reconnect with their families make her an incredible asset to the Soledad House community.

Karen “KT” Tremain, SUDCC IV

Karen Tremain, KT, has numerous years’ experience both professional and personal, working with those who have challenges in both mental health and substance use. KT holds a master’s in professional clinical counseling and is a Certified Substance Use AOD Counselor-IV. KT has worked at numerous programs across San Diego County as both a mental health and addiction specialist including five years at a Medicated Treatment Program while also addressing her clients’ mental health concerns. KT is passionate in providing hope and meeting each person where they are in each person’s recovery goals.

Mark Ciani, SUDRC

Case Manager

Mark is a dedicated professional with a deep passion for supporting individuals on their journey to recovery from substance use disorders. With 14 years of experience in higher education and a personal understanding of the complexities of addiction, Mark brings extensive knowledge and expertise to his role. Mark holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas State University, where he developed a strong foundation in his field. His educational journey also took him to the University of Salamanca in Spain, where he began his college studies, further enriching his perspective and cultural understanding. Mark’s approach to SUD treatment is rooted in empathy, respect, and a belief in each person’s inherent capacity for change and growth. Beyond his professional work, Mark actively engages in raising awareness and reducing the stigma associated with substance use disorders. With his compassionate nature and diverse background, Mark is dedicated to making a positive impact and helping individuals find hope and lasting recovery.

Amber McBride

Sound Healer

Amber has acquired over 500 hours of yoga training and certifications including Trauma-Informed Yoga, Yoga of 12 Step Recovery, Empowered Wisdom Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Sound Healing, and Anusara Yoga. She attended Arizona State University and received her degree in Health Sciences, Healthy Lifestyles Coaching. Through sobriety, Amber has stepped into her authentic self, having to feel and accept every emotion, every situation, every thought. She remembers ‘home’, the inner light within herself, within you, connection, community, love, meditation, deep rest, and of course all practices of yoga. Amber continues to remain a student first, a teacher and guide second. Through her teachings and guidance, she hopes to help you find your home inner light too.





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