What Former Residents Are Saying…

“I was in Hazelden and thought I should go to a recovery home instead of Hazelden’s extended care program. I spoke with a counselor and she gave me a Soledad House brochure. The Hazelden counselor thought it was a reputable place and several other women from Hazelden had gone there. I found the counselors at the Soledad House comparable to those at Hazelden. My stay at the house was a time for self-examination and there was just enough down time to get back in touch with what makes me happy. Soledad House had a great support staff which provided the guidance I needed.”

– Aileen, Chicago IL

“I first sought treatment for my alcoholism in 1990 when I checked into Betty Ford. Since then, I have been in treatment nine times, from Sundown Ranch in Washington State to Hazelden in Minnesota to Renaissance in Florida. Prior to my stay at Soledad House, I had never followed up primary treatment with a transition to an extended care home. Nor had I ever pursued a program that emphasized spiritual development as the key component in a solid recovery foundation. Having explored treatment therapy in many forms, I found the counselors and staff at Soledad House to be of the highest quality. They are compassionate, loving and insightful. The work I did at Soledad House, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, has made the difference in the recovery I enjoy today.”

– Rama, La Jolla CA

“When planning my next steps for recovery after Promises Treatment Center, my counselor recommended only one place in San Diego, Soledad House with ABC Sober Living. Coming from the level of care offered at Promises, I wanted to find a recovery home that provided structure and support in a safe and comfortable environment. I found all of that and more at the Soledad House.”

– Helen, San Diego CA

“Being in the Soledad House has accelerated my growth because I put all my weaknesses on the table and the women still loved me. It was the hardest thing I had ever done; however, it was also the greatest. I still keep in contact with the women in the home, and the girls that were in the house with me are still sober today.”

– McKenzie, Bend OR

“Soledad House is beautiful and comfortable, and I liked the counselors. The house helped me stay sober and it was a great transition from the Betty Ford Center.”

– Syda, San Francisco CA

What Family Members of Residents Are Saying…

“My Daughter’s recovery at the Soledad House exceeded my expectations; I can’t begin to express my families gratitude towards the Soledad House. They stopped at absolutely nothing to help my daughter find her way back to “life” all the while, allowing her to be herself. They provided a warm, nurturing and spiritual environment tailored to the needs of my daughter. My daughter recently completed the Soledad program as a bright, compassionate, hopeful young lady. Our prayers were answered with this miracle!”

– Leslie, San Diego CA

“Save my Daughter’s life, Saved my marriage, Took away my fear, Gave my grandchildren back their mom, You gave my grandson the ability to trust again and to feel as he is worth being loved by his mother, You let my 85 year old mother die in peace knowing that her first born granddaughter is now walking with the Lord and for now is drug free, You gave us back a real family that functions as a unit, You taught her how to love herself for herself and not for us, You taught her that she is ok in being her, You taught her that God is the only one that can makes this happen, The house you provided for her during these difficult times was “safe” and the staff were all amazing and taught her different things about her recovery process and disease and finally you really proved that there is a God that works great miracles”

– Suzanne, San Diego CA

“My daughter walked out of three rehabs and could not stay sober. I was watching her die in front of me. As a parent, when your kid hits rock bottom you tend to hold onto them more. I learned through the Soledad House to surrender her to a Higher Power. Without the Soledad House I wouldn’t have my daughter in my life. She recently celebrated her one-year sobriety birthday, and I cannot thank you enough.”

– Michelle, San Diego CA

“My daughter’s counselor at Promises gave us the number for the Soledad House and it was wonderful to talk to them. Everything they said made sense to me and I knew my daughter was not ready to come home yet. We visited the Soledad House and my daughter loved it immediately. She moved in the following day. We were very pleased with Promises and Soledad House. Our daughter completed both programs and is still sober today.”

– Jo, San Diego CA

“Soledad House provided the warm, loving environment that was important to my daughter and to me. I know that her continuing sobriety today is a result of the initial rehab at Betty Ford and the continuing care that she received through Soledad House. There is no price that can be put to having my daughter back.”

– Lisa, San Diego CA



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