Are people telling you that you have a problem with drugs or drinking? Do you vehemently disagree with them? There are addictive behaviors that can help you decide whether they might have a point. Here’s what you need to know. If these behaviors are apparent in someone you love, seek help from a professional treatment center. At Soledad House, we offer addiction treatment for Adderall and various other drugs, as well as alcohol.

There’s a Gray Area Between Abuse and Addiction

a woman ponders her own addictive behaviorsNot everyone who abuses drugs or alcohol has an addiction. However, it’s highly likely that a person exhibiting behaviors associated with addiction will develop one. Addictive behaviors are a lot like road signs that point in the direction of a substance abuse problem. A good example is an alcohol use disorder.

You binge-drink on weekends. During the week, you typically don’t drink any alcohol. Recently, you started going to happy hours with friends after work. Now, your alcohol consumption takes place during the week, too.

Because of your consistent use of the drug, your body builds up a tolerance. This is one of the first signs that you’re developing a substance use disorder. You now have to drink more to get drunk. Doing so is among the behaviors that someone might point out to you.

Pinpoint Addictive Behaviors

Maybe alcohol isn’t your drug of choice. So, you don’t see yourself in this example. That said, there are other signs of addiction to look out for. For example, do you spend a lot of time thinking about using a drug or taking steps to buy it?

You’re consistently using even though it’s causing problems with friends, family members, or your job. Besides that, you’ve been trying to cut back but you can’t. Similarly, you can’t figure out a way to handle certain situations if you’re not high. Maybe you’re chasing that first feeling of euphoria even though you no longer get much pleasure from doing drugs.

Break out of the Vicious Cycle with Rehab

The vicious cycle of drug abuse will continue. Furthermore, it will adversely affect your health and social interactions. Substance abuse isn’t a phase that you’ll gradually outgrow. Professional intervention, on the other hand, can help you make a clean break.

Addiction specialists customize a care protocol for you to overcome a substance use disorder. You check into rehab. Next, you participate in a broad range of therapeutic interventions. Examples include:

If you recognize addictive behaviors in your own life right now, it’s time to take action. You don’t have to live as a victim to a drug that’s slowly killing you. At Soledad House, addiction specialists work with women just like you who want to quit a substance abuse problem. Call 866.314.3222 today to schedule an appointment.