Psychologists currently work with a model that acknowledges 16 different personality types. It’s interesting to note that the addictive personality isn’t a part of it. But are there some personality traits that make you more likely to develop a drug habit than someone else? Moreover, if you believe that this fits you to the letter, what are your options? Professional support and help is available. Contact Soledad House today at 866.314.3222 to learn more about our drug addiction treatment program in California.

What Hides Behind the Addictive Personality Discussion?

A woman looks distraught as she wonders if she has an addictive personalityWhen you hear people talk about someone whose personality seems prone to addiction, it’s usually a mix of things. People may factor in genetics. While there’s no actual addiction gene, some gene variations show up more frequently in people with drug abuse problems. Therefore, genetics is a factor.

Social conditioning is another aspect. For example, if alcohol consumption to excess goes on in your environment, you’re more likely to try it, too. Maybe you’re with a group of people among whom “holding your liquor like a man” is high praise. You then try to fit in with the rest of the group by drinking heavily.

However, there’s also the understanding that someone with an addiction to one substance is more likely to develop another habit. For example, opioid painkillers are a known gateway drug to heroin use. If you have an addiction to opioids, you’re more likely to develop an addiction to heroin. It doesn’t have to be hard drugs; cigarettes are a common primary addiction.

How to Deal with a Substance Abuse Problem

Don’t chalk off your drug or alcohol habit to an addictive personality. Getting to the root of the addiction is a better option. What’s missing in your life that the drug glosses over? Furthermore, does using help you feel more complete, more in control, or just happier?

Maybe you’re dealing with a trauma that makes it difficult to shut off intrusive thoughts and emotions. You might be dealing with stress that won’t end, and you need something to mellow you out. You may feel bad about yourself or life in general, and a stimulant helps you get out of bed. Real healing and change are things you find in rehab.

Rehab is the Answer to a Personality Struggling with Addiction Problems

In rehab, addiction treatment specialists understand that each person is different. There are specific reasons why you fell into the trap of drug abuse. They have little to do with having a particular personality. Instead, the goal is to help you uncover what your stressors and triggers are – and then disarm them.

Therapy experts use modalities such as:

Don’t fall for the excuse of the addictive personality. It’s an easy way out. Instead, find out what real healing is. Connect with therapists at the Soledad House by calling 866.314.3222 today.