Deciding to get sober is a courageous step for people who suffer from drug problems. Choosing a different lifestyle takes a lot of hard work and determination. However, individuals who begin on this path don’t have to go through this process without help. While non-faith-based rehab centers offer the support that people need, Christian rehab programs offer unique benefits.

What are Christian recovery programs?

In some cases, religious faith can be the solution to people’s drug problems. Faith-based programs offer the same evidence-based treatment methods, including 12-step meetings and behavior therapy. However, they add a spiritual element that may improve the chances of successful recovery for many people.

The overall goal is to treat the entire person, not just the mental and physical effects of drug use. Patients learn to lean on Christianity to resist triggers, understand themselves better and build mindfulness.

Most of the time, the staff members at a Christian facility believe in the doctrine themselves. They usually have a certificate from a Christian-based association for the work that they do. Full-time pastors may even offer counseling or participate in group events.

Although many Christian recovery programs revolve around this doctrine, people from other faiths could find this treatment option valuable as well. The programs welcome believers and nonbelievers alike. Whether people believe or not, this faith-based approach offers three very unique benefits.

Lower Costs

Although this isn’t the case for all Christian-based addiction programs, many centers offer cheaper treatments than non-faith-based facilities. Sometimes the treatment is free. Just because a treatment is cheaper or even free, however, doesn’t mean that it’s not effective.

These rehab centers may provide less costly care because they’re nonprofit organizations. In other cases, their affiliated congregations give donations so that people with drug problems can get help. Other times, the staff members might view their work as a service to God, so they accept lower wages.

Support From a Higher Power

The opportunity to get help and support from a higher power is very unique to faith-based programs. People in these programs also get to form a close bond with God. Achieving that often involves regular prayer and daily meditation.

While standard rehab centers teach clients skills that they can use after treatment, these skills can get lost in the stress that normal life causes. Christian centers teach these skills too and show patients how to lean on God in tough situations. Clients leave Christian rehab knowing that God is always by their side.

God’s Love

Introducing people to the love of God is the primary focus of most Christian programs. They help people overcome addictions, including the physical and mental effects. However, they believe that true recovery comes from accepting God into their hearts.

Instead of feeling hopeless and lost, the healing power of God’s unconditional love offers forgiveness and hope. His devotion restores the strength that people need to overcome addiction.

Choose Faith-Based Recovery for Your Addiction

If you want addiction help from a faith-based program, Soledad House offers that option for women. Our range of programs treat the body, mind and soul to nurture lasting recovery. Our main programs include:

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