Now that you have made the difficult decision to seek professional help for your substance abuse disorder, the next important step is preparing for rehab. No matter the state you live in, you can find a drug rehab center that will walk with you through the recovery journey. There are plenty of treatment programs available, but a customized addiction treatment plan is the most effective.

Take some practical steps to remain focused while you’re in rehab. This way, you’ll increase your chances of full recovery.  

Handle All Family and Work Obligations

Many people are often hesitant to mention their rehab stay to employers or other work colleagues. However, doctors highly encourage this as you’ll be a much better employee after you get better. Besides, your team members want the best version of you.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitles you up to 12 weeks leave of medical treatment. This act protects your job when you’re in rehab.

Ensure your loved ones will be well-taken care of while you’re away. Make plans if you’re the caregiver for your kids, elderly family members, or pets. Delegate these duties to other family members or friends, or organize another temporary care option.

Tie-Up All Financial and Legal Loose Ends

If you’ll incur bills while in rehab, sign up for automatic payments or tell someone you trust to pay the bills on your behalf. No one wants to leave rehab ready to resume life only to be burdened with financial stress.

If need be, ensure that the courts know you’ll be participating in an addiction treatment program. You can do this either via your attorney or your correspondence. Expert advice for recovering addicts – get the legal affirmation documents when you’re preparing for rehab.

Pack Only the Essentials

It’s tempting to carry many things from home, especially if you’re going for rehab out of state. All rehab centers have a strict set of rules regarding the types of items you’re allowed to carry. Carry only the essentials to adhere to these regulations.

By sticking to only what’s essential, you’ll entirely focus on your sobriety as there will be no outside distractions. Rehabs encourage their clients to focus on recovery and getting the best addiction therapy program options. Anything that will not contribute to this process is unnecessary; leave it, you’ll find it when you get back.

Choose Treatment Options When Preparing for Rehab

There are plenty of treatment options available, and it’s prudent to be aware of your choices. For example, if you have preexisting mental conditions or suffer from multiple substance abuse disorders, you have to consider treatment for these underlying conditions.

There are several types of treatment programs, such as: 

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At Soledad House, we are committed to helping you overcome your addiction. We offer a wide range of effective evidence-based and holistic treatment options for each person who comes to our program. Moreover, we can customize your treatment based on your situation, so you get the care that matches your unique needs. Our addiction treatment program options include:

Preparing for rehab should not be overwhelming. Ease into the phase slowly by spending time with family members and friends before checking into rehab. Your loved ones will assure you that you made the right decision and give you a guarantee that they’ll be waiting for you when you get out. Take back control of your life by going to rehab by contacting us at 866.314.3222 today.