woman sitting on beach wants to begin San Diego Alcohol Rehab Americans suffer addiction to alcohol more than any other substance. This is why there are so many options for women’s alcohol rehab. The treatment program you choose is directly relative to how you’ll be in recovery. Women’s alcoholism treatment through a San Diego alcohol rehab may be the right choice for you.

Women’s San Diego Alcohol Rehab

Residential and outpatient are two types of programs available in female-only San Diego alcohol rehab programs. These programs help you understand and get to the root of your addiction. You may also need dual diagnosis treatment for mental illness, particularly if you have suffered conditions like trauma, depression or anxiety along with your alcohol dependence. A quality rehab program includes treatment for these issues.

In rehab, you’ll meet women who share your struggle, whether with alcohol or drugs. This is a safe place where you can work together and individually to learn more about addiction. Your peers become a major part of your life, as you relearn how to communicate and relate to other people. In alcohol rehab, you develop lasting peer relationships with those who understand you best.

A quality treatment program includes individual counseling, group therapy, family counseling, addiction education and coping skills development. Attending a San Diego alcohol rehab using a 12 step program helps you develop structure, self-discipline and a clear plan for sobriety success you will use throughout your life.

Why do people need rehab?

There are many theories as to why people develop addictions to alcohol, then require rehab. Some reasons include:

Whether you use alcohol to feel more social, because you’re lonely, to self-medicate mental illness or for other reasons, you can recover from alcohol addiction. You simply need to find the right alcohol treatment facility for your very individual needs.

There are also many reasons why people need rehab. The biggest force pushing women into alcohol addiction treatment is the realization that they can’t quit drinking on their own. This isn’t a failure on your part if you struggle to stop your drinking. Instead, it shows that you’re physically dependent and psychologically addicted to alcohol.

Other people seek rehab after money, legal, relationship or work problems that drinking causes. Life can quickly become unmanageable when drinking is out of control. DUIs, broken marriages, lost jobs and school suspension are only some problems people suffer. All of these can mean that individuals desperately need rehab.

In rehab, therapists help to identify your underlying conditions of alcohol addiction. These include co-occurring conditions of mental illness, family behaviors like enabling, and even your own co-dependency on others, such as your parents. Women who struggle to find their independence or balance in life often turn to drinking or using drugs. A superior rehab program helps you recover physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Quality Women’s San Diego Alcohol Rehab

In San Diego, California, Soledad House treats women for alcohol and drug addiction. If you suffer alcohol addiction, Soledad House provides dual diagnosis treatment using the 12 steps in an all-female setting where you feel safe, secure and supported.

Programs that Soledad House offers include:

Treatment among other women frees you to focus on gaining strong recovery. If you’re ready to end your addiction to alcohol, call Soledad House at 866.314.3222. You can have a better life with freedom from alcohol, so call now.