Many women today face the difficult challenge of clinical depression. In some cases, this problem can co-exist with substance abuse or addiction issues. It is essential to be able to recognize the symptoms of depression in women. It’s the best way to reduce stigma and improve access to treatment options.

Understanding Depression

A solemn woman thinks about symptoms of depression in womenExperiencing negative emotions in association with difficult life challenges is normal. However, clinical depression is different from occasional sadness that relates to a life event. When people experience clinical depression, they face an extreme degree of sadness that lasts for an extended period. They may lose interest in their loved ones and favorite hobbies due to sadness and fatigue. However, these difficult feelings can sometimes take over their entire life.

Common Symptoms of Depression in Women

Getting help for a loved one facing emotional difficulties requires remaining aware of the common symptoms of depression in women. The symptoms in the following list are prevalent when dealing with clinical depression:

Social Isolation

Women who struggle with depression may find themselves wanting to be alone much of the time. Social events will often result in extreme anxiety as well as emotional discomfort.

Frequent Mood Swings

Women with depression often experience debilitating mood swings. They may seem to alternate between feelings of extreme despair, anxiety, anger, frustration, and resentment. They usually do not know how to deal with negative emotions in a productive way, which then manifests in the development of mood swings.

Loss of Interest in Hobbies

Women who experience clinical depression sometimes lose interest in their favorite activities or hobbies. They may gradually seem to stop getting together with friends to participate in mutually enjoyable activities.

Problems with Eating and Sleeping

Problems with eating and sleeping are also common for those struggling with depression. Some people find that they overeat and gain weight. Others may lose their appetite. The same is true for sleep. Some women may be restless and unable to relax. On the other hand, others may find that they require an excessive amount of sleep to even function.

Why are Symptoms of Depression in Women Overlooked?

Of course, women today are expected to carry out many stressful roles. They may be responsible for working full time while caring for a growing family. In many cases, the everyday stress of life can mimic the symptoms of depression, making it hard to tell if a real problem exists. For this reason, women should always investigate ongoing or worsening symptoms. Women who attempt to self-medicate for their depression may also require dual diagnosis treatment to address all issues.

How to Help a Depressed Loved One

If you have a relative who is suffering from depression, you are not alone. It is crucial that you understand that help is available. Soledad House is an addiction treatment center located in San Diego, California. This facility focuses on providing individual treatment in a compassionate environment. Services we offer to women suffering from addiction and depression include the following:

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