Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal


In the U.S. in recent years, opiate abuse has become a public health crisis. Fatalities from overdosing on heroin, an opiate made from morphine, have quadrupled in less than a decade. Withdrawal symptoms occur when an individual is detoxing from a substance. Because of its highly addictive nature, heroin withdrawal is especially difficult to face […]

What to Expect from Heroin Overdose Symptoms


The abuse of illegal drugs such as heroin can create devastating effects on a person’s mind and body. As with any other addictive substance, it’s vital to be able to recognize the signs of a problem. Additionally, being aware of heroin overdose symptoms is crucial. Learning about these symptoms can help save lives as we […]

The Benefits of Professional Heroin Addiction Treatment for Women


Although many know what heroin is, there is a lack of understanding of how it works or the dangers of prolonged use. There is an assumption that only certain demographics abuse heroin. However, the truth is that heroin can affect people from all walks of life, despite their social or economic status. Although many people […]