Managing Addiction and Work During The Pandemic

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Experiencing a global pandemic presents many hardships most of us have never experienced. Seemingly overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic created massive shifts in both our work and personal lives. On top of the normal stress and anxiety that many of us are facing, managing addiction and work during the pandemic is an added challenge. Addictive substances […]

How to Start Over Again in Recovery

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If you recently relapsed after completing a women’s addiction treatment program, you may feel like that all is lost and that you should just give up. While this feeling is normal, it is by no means justified. Thousands of people in recovery have relapsed one or more times but had the will to keep going. […]

Benefits of A Sober Living Program


Whether you’ve gone through residential treatment for addiction or you are just beginning your journey to recovery, you might have considered a sober living program as part of your recovery plan. In these programs, those in recovery live together in a home that is supportive of their journey. A California sober living program provides many […]

Fun Sober Activities for Fall

For many women who abuse drugs and alcohol, the only fun times they have are when they’re using. After they complete rehab, they might wonder what they’ll possibly do for fun in recovery. They may ask, “How can I have fun without drinking or using?” Although it’s not something they could have imagined while gripped […]