Before you enter treatment, you’ll need to start with detox. It’s vital to go through a thorough detoxification process to avoid difficult withdrawal symptoms. Depending on your history of substance abuse, these symptoms can vary. No matter what the case may be, these symptoms can cause relapse or health issues. Some can even be fatal. Seeking professional help gives you the best chance at recovery. At Soledad House, located in sunny Southern California, we offer women’s-only alcohol, drug, and meth addiction treatment programs.

How Withdrawal Symptoms Happen

Our bodies are extremely complex. They’re constantly trying to reach an equilibrium, which takes a lot of work. When we introduce any substance into our system in excess and regularly, the body naturally adapts to the situation. In turn, when the substance begins to metabolize or is absent for a period, the body struggles to regain balance.

Individuals often go through withdrawal from substances like caffeine or sugar, but drugs and alcohol present with much worse symptoms. Some people experience these symptoms without even knowing what’s happening. Alcohol and drugs attach to different receptors in the brain, which then begin to misfire during withdrawal. The receptors in the brain help us function, but they also control different aspects of the nervous system.

Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

The physical symptoms of withdrawal can come from any substance that isn’t a stimulant, which includes alcohol, opiates and more. These physical symptoms happen because the nervous system goes into a state of shock. They can cause a variety of different issues that make you feel very sick. These symptoms can sometimes be so harsh that a person turns back to drugs or alcohol to deal with them.

Some physical symptoms include:

Psychological Dependence and Withdrawal Symptoms

The psychological aspect of withdrawal is one of the more difficult parts of the recovery process. These symptoms occur with every substance from alcohol, to cocaine, to opiates, meth and more. The primary reason for treatment is to help end the psychological dependence on the substance. Addiction treatment services are necessary to retrain the brain into understanding that you don’t need substances to feel well.

Long-term psychological dependence takes time to overcome, but the immediate symptoms can sometimes be harsh. One of the first withdrawal symptoms you may experience is anxiety, which can come from fear. It’s scary to imagine a life without drugs or alcohol. Additionally, depression can set in as well. Some symptoms are much more dangerous and can include hallucinations as well as seizures.

Helping with Cravings

Soledad House intensive outpatient program can help you with the cravings that come along with early recovery. The majority of the cravings you’ll experience come from triggers your mind doesn’t know how to deal with. For weeks, months or years, your mind has gotten used to receiving alcohol or drugs to deal with various issues. Teaching your mind to think of healthier options to deal with life on life’s terms takes time.

Our goal here at Soledad House is to help you develop a new way of living that will begin to heal your mind. Through various therapies and activities, including a nutrition program, your body will begin to heal as well. In our all-women program, you’ll feel a sense of empowerment as you begin to regain control. Give us a call today at 866.314.3222 to find out more about how our womens addiction treatment programs can help you overcome your addiction.