Although many women experience the challenges associated with an addiction, there are several common misconceptions about this process. For women to get the quality help they need, they need to be aware of these prevalent myths. So, what are some myths associated with women and addiction?

Defining an Addiction

To better understand women and addiction, we need to start by knowing what addiction is. With prolonged use of alcohol or drugs, an individual can develop a tolerance for these substances. Generally, we define addiction as occurring when the person in question cannot stop using the substance without experiencing bothersome withdrawal symptoms. They may also require larger amounts of the substance to experience the same pleasurable feelings.

Common Myths Surrounding Women and Addiction

There are many common myths surrounding women and addiction. The following list touches on several of these misconceptions.

Women Experience Less Risk for Addiction

Many believe that men experience addiction more often than women. However, statistics reveal that both genders face an almost equal risk of continuing to abuse addictive substances once they start.

Women Experience Addiction for the Same Reasons as Men

Women and men often begin abusing addictive substances for very different reasons. For example, women are at a much higher risk for depression and anxiety. Both of these conditions can influence the onset of substance abuse. Women today experience more stress than ever before as they try to juggle caring for their home, work, and raising children. This stress can also cause an increased risk for substance abuse.

Women Handle Addiction Recovery in the Same Manner as Men

One of the biggest myths about women and addiction is that women approach recovery in the same way as men. Women and men generally handle the process of addiction recovery in different ways. As a result, women face unique needs when it comes to the treatment process. Since they are usually the primary caregivers of their children, they may also be more likely to resist seeking help in the first place. Additionally, the delicate hormonal makeup of women can also influence their addiction recovery in various ways.

Helping the Woman You Love to Recover from Addiction

Reliable treatment centers exist that want to see you succeed in your fight against addiction. Furthermore, finding appropriate womens addiction treatment does not need to be overwhelming. Begin by talking about your problems and how they have affected your family. Openly discuss the goals you would like to accomplish in the future. Meet with a variety of rehab centers to find the one that suits your needs in the best way.

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The connection between women and addiction is complex. However, don’t let an untreated addiction keep you from reaching your full potential. You can overcome addiction issues with the help of a caring rehab center. Call 866-314-3222 to discover how Soledad House can help you achieve your recovery goals.