Women Helping Women During Addiction Recovery

Welcome to a journey of transformation and empowerment at Soledad House, where the power of sisterhood profoundly impacts the path to addiction recovery. Here, amidst the serene backdrop of San Diego, CA, we understand that overcoming addiction requires more than just individual effort; it necessitates a supportive community, a family of women who truly ‘get it.’ At Soledad House, we foster a unique environment where bonds of sisterhood are not only encouraged but are integral to the healing process.

Whether you are beginning your recovery journey or seeking to reinforce your ongoing sobriety, the sisterly connections you make here will be your support network, offering empathy, strength, and encouragement every step of the way. Discover how embracing sisterhood at Soledad House can transform your recovery experience, providing you with the resilience and solidarity needed to thrive in sobriety.

The Role of Sisterhood in Healing

At Soledad House, we believe in the healing power of sisterhood—a vital element that nurtures both emotional and psychological recovery. Forming close-knit relationships with other women who are walking a similar path can dramatically provide emotional support and significantly reduce the feelings of isolation that often accompany addiction. These connections foster a safe space where sharing becomes healing, where every story told is a mirror that reflects many others.

The benefits of these shared experiences are profound. In an environment where every member understands the struggles and triumphs of recovery, women are able to relate on a level that transcends the usual support groups. This mutual understanding enhances the healing process, making it more profound and sustainable. When women share their journeys, they reinforce their own commitment to recovery and empower others to stay the course.

The sisterly bonds formed at Soledad House are more than just friendships; they are lifelines that provide encouragement during challenges and celebration in milestones. By investing in these relationships, our residents not only enhance their own resilience but also contribute to a nurturing community that uplifts every member.

Building Trust and Empathy

At Soledad House, our Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), and Structured Living environments are meticulously designed to cultivate trust and empathy among participants. These programs serve as the backbone of our therapeutic community, where every activity and therapy session is an opportunity to build deeper connections and foster mutual understanding.

The IOP at Soledad House allows women to maintain their daily commitments while receiving comprehensive therapy and support for a few hours each day. This balance helps participants slowly rebuild trust in themselves and others within a supportive framework, encouraging empathy by sharing personal struggles and achievements in a structured yet flexible setting.

Our PHP takes a more immersive approach, providing a structured therapeutic environment during the day where participants can dive deeper into recovery without the overnight stay. This intensity fosters a rapid development of trust among group members, as they spend more time together, experiencing and overcoming challenges in real-time.

Structured Living offers a residential experience where women live together while continuing their recovery. The daily interactions in this setting are integral to building lasting empathetic bonds. Living together helps residents practice empathy in everyday situations, an essential skill for personal growth and societal integration.

Structured Programs and Their Benefits

At Soledad House, our Structured Living, Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) are designed not only to support women in their journey to recovery but also to foster strong sisterly bonds that enhance the healing process. Each program offers unique benefits and is tailored to meet the needs of women at different stages of their recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The IOP at Soledad House is designed for women who need a rigorous treatment schedule but also have commitments that prevent them from residing on-site. Sessions are held several times a week, often during the morning or evening, to accommodate work or family responsibilities. This program includes group therapy, individual counseling, and workshops that focus on relapse prevention, stress management, and healthy coping strategies. The consistent, shared experiences among participants help forge strong, supportive ties, as women learn to navigate their recovery journey together, sharing challenges and successes.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The PHP offers a more immersive recovery experience than the IOP, with women participating in treatment activities during the day, five to seven days a week. This program serves as a middle ground between full-time residential treatment and outpatient care. It’s ideal for women who require more intensive support and medical monitoring but still go home at night. The daily interaction in PHP allows participants to develop deep, empathetic relationships with each other, creating a robust network of support and understanding that is critical for long-term recovery.

Structured Living

Structured Living provides a residential experience where participants live at Soledad House. This program integrates therapy with daily living, teaching women how to incorporate the skills they learn into regular activities. Living together in a supportive, structured environment allows participants to practice new skills in real-time with the support of their peers and counselors. The close-knit living situation enhances sisterly bonds as women support each other in daily tasks, share personal struggles and achievements, and grow together in a nurturing, empathetic environment.

Need Help? Contact Our Team

Take the first step towards a life of recovery and empowerment. Contact Soledad House today to learn more about how our supportive community and specialized programs can help you or a loved one. We are committed to fostering sisterhood and providing a healing environment that encourages growth and recovery. Schedule a visit to experience firsthand the caring atmosphere and the strong bonds of sisterhood that make Soledad House a unique place to start your journey to sobriety.


What is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Soledad House?

The IOP at Soledad House is designed for women who require structured therapy but are able to engage in daily life without residential care. This program typically requires attendance at therapy sessions several times a week for a few hours each day. The focus is on group therapy, individual counseling, and skills workshops, all structured to support sisterhood and collective support among participants. This flexible setup helps integrate recovery into daily life without full-time residential commitment.

How does the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) differ from IOP?

The PHP at Soledad House provides a more intensive treatment option compared to the IOP. Participants engage in recovery activities during the day, typically five to seven days a week, allowing for a deeper and more focused therapeutic process without overnight stays. This format is ideal for those needing a higher level of support and medical monitoring, fostering a tight-knit community environment that promotes sisterhood and mutual support.

What are the advantages of Structured Living for addiction recovery?

Structured Living at Soledad House offers residential care where participants live on-site, integrating therapy with everyday living. This arrangement supports continuous healing by providing a stable, structured environment where daily routines and responsibilities are shared among residents, reinforcing recovery dynamics and fostering a strong community feel. The constant presence of a supportive network helps solidify new coping skills and sobriety practices.

Can family members participate in the recovery process?

Yes, family involvement is encouraged at Soledad House. We believe that recovery is a collective journey that can benefit greatly from the support of loved ones. Our family programs include counseling sessions and workshops designed to improve communication, understanding, and support networks for both the client and their family members, enhancing the overall healing process.

How do I know if Soledad House is right for me?

Choosing the right recovery program is a critical step. We recommend starting with a personal consultation to discuss your specific needs and recovery goals. Our team at Soledad House can provide detailed information about our programs and help assess whether our approach fits your situation. Contact us to schedule an initial assessment or visit our facility to see how our programs and community might be the support you need.