Despite having a strong desire to quit abusing drugs and alcohol, you may still find yourself stuck in a vicious cycle of using. You want to stop making bad choices, but you feel powerless in the face of addiction. Getting into rehab can give you a fresh start. If you’re going to get—and stay—clean, addiction counseling will help.

Types of Addiction Counseling

Each person’s rehab experience will differ. Your background and accompanying issues are unique to you. Skilled therapists understand this, so they tailor treatment plans to the individual.

What types of counseling can you expect in rehab? Common addiction counseling types include:

You’ll likely take part in different therapies, and each has its benefits.

For example, during individual counseling, you’ll work with a therapist to uncover the deep-seated, often difficult, issues that contribute to your drug and alcohol abuse. Family therapy helps each member of a family unit heal together since addiction often damages relationships with loved ones.

Women are often their own harshest critics. CBT is one such therapy that can help you change your negative thought patterns—such as always expecting the worst—into positive thoughts, thereby leading to positive behaviors.

The Need for Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

You have a choice of coed or gender-specific treatment. Sometimes, residential centers are men- or women-only. Other times, they house the genders separately, but they may come together for activities or therapy sessions.

Why is there a need for separate men’s and women’s programs?

Men and women often have different motivations for using. They also typically choose different substances to abuse. Women tend to have more codependency issues than their male counterparts as well.

Then there are the underlying factors and how comfortable women feel when discussing difficult topics in mixed company. Unresolved sexual abuse and trauma are common issues for many women. When they’re able to take part in womens addiction counseling without men, they often feel safer. They’re more willing to open up about these tough topics, which is essential to start the healing process.

Benefits of Womens Addiction Counseling

When you attend a women’s-only rehab or womens addiction counseling sessions, you receive a number of benefits.

Although all of a rehab’s participants come from various backgrounds, you all share experiences unique to women. Others in treatment understand the complex problems that women with substance abuse issues often have. You may be a primary caregiver who put off rehab because of family obligations. Like many women, perhaps you were afraid to ask for help because you’re used to being the strong, supportive one.

In addiction counseling that focuses on women, you’ll receive support that you might not have at home. You can talk about any self-esteem issues you struggle with or the damage a codependent relationship caused.

You can also focus entirely on your recovery when there’s no distracting male element around. Because many women who abuse drugs and alcohol also have mental health issues related to addiction (such as depression and anxiety), you can get the simultaneous help you need for those.

Effective Addiction Counseling in a Women-Only Environment

Soledad House offers a unique rehab experience in San Diego, California, located just minutes from the beach. We provide specialized treatment options exclusively for women. It doesn’t matter if it’s heroin, alcohol, or prescription painkiller addiction. We can help you overcome it and be a healthier, happier you.

In addition to receiving evidence-based treatment, you can participate in enjoyable activities that promote greater mental and physical health. Nearby restaurants, camping trips, and sober parties will round out your experience.

Our treatment programs include the following:

For addiction counseling tailored to you, we’re the rehab facility to call. Begin healing in our nurturing and safe environment, surrounded by women who can relate to your unique struggles. Call our friendly team today at 866-314-3222 to find out more.