Alcohol Addiction Treatment



Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, is a disease that can ruin lives. However, the right addiction treatment services can also break the bonds of active addiction. If you are asking am I an alcoholic, learn more about addiction, how to spot the signs, and what treatment looks like.

Defining Alcohol Addiction

It’s important to understand that alcohol addiction is a chronic illness. It’s not a choice or a personal flaw, and it’s just as much a disease as cancer or diabetes. Individuals suffering from addiction live their lives preoccupied with obtaining and consuming alcohol. They may also suffer from alcohol withdrawal symptoms after trying to quit or reduce consumption.


Recognizing the Signs of Alcoholism

Unlike illegal drugs, the majority of the adult population consumes alcohol. This means that recognizing the signs of alcoholism, as opposed to just heavy consumption, isn’t always clear. Even individuals who have alcohol addictions struggle to recognize and identify alcoholism in themselves.

Some of the physical signs of alcoholism may include swelling and redness in the hands, cheeks or nose. Red blood vessels may also appear on the surface of the skin. Additionally, weight gain or loss is common among those who have signs of alcohol abuse.

Just as important as the physical symptoms of addiction are the behavioral symptoms. Individuals suffering from alcoholism might withdraw from family events, act differently than usual or disengage from friendships.

Alcoholism may also be present in a person who drinks alcohol daily. Though he or she may have a desire to cut back or quit, those plans fail time and time again. Addiction also usually increases tolerance. This means the number of drinks that the individual consumes increases on a regular basis.

Treating an Addiction At A Recovery Center

After identifying an alcohol addiction, seeking help is critical. The addiction treatment process takes time, but it’s the key to lasting recovery. The process often begins with detox. After this first step, patients can find appropriate treatment programs. Soledad House offers women’s only addiction treatment with an emphasis on the 12-step approach. Some of the therapies available to patients include the following:
There are some programs out there that last 30 days or less. For lifelong sobriety, however, medical professionals strongly recommend a longer program. Even after formal inpatient or residential programs end, the work isn’t over. Transitioning to sober living facilities can increase the chance of resisting relapse in the future.

Finding the Right California Treatment Facility

To get alcohol treatment, finding the right treatment facility is key. Having a space with room to grow and a variety of programs is always helpful. This way, you can move from residential care to sober living without losing connections to therapists and peers. Location is also important. Soledad House, for example, is two miles from the beach in San Diego, California, giving you a beautiful, serene venue for addiction recovery.

Alcohol addiction doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Call 866.314.3222 to learn how to stop drinking and to find out more about the women’s addiction treatment programs at Soledad House.



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