Ativan, a well-known and highly prescribed benzodiazepine, provides help for people with anxiety disorders. However, many people fall into addiction to this otherwise helpful drug, some without knowingly abusing their medication. Others seek Ativan on the street to satisfy their own need for self-medication. However you ended up with addiction to Ativan, you can rebuild your life through an Ativan

What Can Help You End Your Ativan Addiction?

No medications give you a fast road to recovery from Ativan addiction. For this reason, you must take your time in rehab to overcome the physical and psychological hold the benzo has on your life. Of course, other therapies help you along this journey, easing your symptoms and reshaping your future.
Therapies that clinicians use in a benzo addiction treatment program to treat Ativan addiction include the following:
Through all of these therapy techniques, you treat the causes of your addiction. If you experience trauma in your past that led to substance abuse, EMDR therapy heals those negative memories. This method helps you start fresh without the anchor of that trauma holding you in the “escape” of substance abuse.
Cognitive behavioral therapy works particularly well for addiction, in that it helps you change your negative thoughts and beliefs to positive ones. Being down on yourself and not seeing things as they really are both contribute to your negative behaviors. So through CBT, you relearn how to think, feel, and behave.
Finally, being in a 12 step program reinforces these important learnings gleaned from a quality Ativan addiction treatment program. Through the 12 steps, you gain a direct connection to support groups and sober peers in your community, too. Therefore, the 12 steps work in rehab allows you to return home with a healthier mindset and lifestyle with supportive people all around you.

From Ativan Abuse to Ativan Addiction

Your addiction to Ativan did not happen overnight. It may feel that way now while looking back over your wasted months or years of substance abuse. Of course, you’re not alone in your addiction. Many people suffer the same fate regarding this important anti-anxiety medication.
Your first steps into addiction occurred when you developed tolerance to your drug. You stopped feeling the positive effects on your regular dose, so you increased your intake of Ativan or started using doses with more frequency. After tolerance, dependence then forms and makes you need the drug to function normally within your daily life.
During dependence on Ativan, you experience ill feelings of withdrawal when you try to quit using the drug. These withdrawal symptoms include the following:
Suffering these symptoms provides a clear sign that you suffer addiction and need professional rehab help through an Ativan addiction treatment program. Without this help, you risk serious effects of your substance abuse, including overdose, seizures and even death.

San Diego Ativan Treatment for Lasting Recovery

In San Diego, women from throughout the United States gain the Ativan addiction treatment program they need among female peers in recovery. These programs provide a wide range of essential therapies and services to build your strongest and longest lasting sobriety.
Programs and therapies at Soledad House in San Diego include the following:
For yourself or a woman you love struggling with Ativan addiction, call Soledad House in San Diego now at 866-314-3222. Ask about the benzo addiction treatment program for women, so you can start building your own better future in recovery.

Contact Soledad House for Adderall Addiction Treatment

At Soledad House, we offer a safe, supportive environment for women who are ready to break free from addiction, including Adderall addiction. Addiction treatment centers that focus on full-body recovery can offer women’s addiction treatment programs that help clients heal physically, mentally, and spiritually. When these programs are paired with a relaxing environment and personalized care, clients have a chance at lasting sobriety.

If you’re a woman struggling with Adderall abuse, sobriety is possible. At Soledad House, we can provide you with the full-body, individualized care that you need to recover. Don’t struggle alone. Call us today at 866.314.3222.



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