Cocaine Addiction Treatment


Anyone who abuses cocaine can develop an addiction. Cocaine addiction can be difficult for people to recover from on their own. Help is always available, though. Once people begin to realize that their cocaine use has led to addiction, they can seek addiction treatment services at a women’s addiction treatment center that will help them get and stay sober.

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

People with cocaine addictions will display physical and behavioral signs of this disease. They may try to hide their signs with isolation and excuses. Close family, friends, and co-workers may still be able to see their addiction problems though, especially if they’ve been going on for years.

Many people who struggle with addiction change their focus from things that once interested them to drugs. All they talk about or think about revolves around their drug use. Their focus on drugs shifts their priorities. They’ll begin to miss important events, meetings, and deadlines because of their drug abuse habits.


People with drug abuse problems also tend to have financial troubles. They spend a lot of their money getting drugs and may feel like they need more in order to sustain their use. They may ask for money from loved ones. If no one helps, and they’re desperate enough, they may steal, leading to legal trouble.

Cocaine users show specific signs of addiction as well. These signs change depending on how they use the drug. People who inject the drug will have injection marks on their arms or legs. Those who snort the drug will lose their sense of smell, have frequent nosebleeds, and develop trouble swallowing. Also, combining cocaine and alcohol is common for users of cocaine.

When users abuse cocaine for a long time, they can begin to look malnourished or sick. They may also be irritable and restless. Some long-term cocaine abusers also suffer from extreme paranoia and auditory hallucinations.

Why Professional Help Is Necessary For Cocaine Addiction

Any addiction is hard to overcome alone. People with a cocaine abuse problem need to seek professional help if they want to get sober. It’s dangerous to try to stop using drugs alone. People who do try to get clean by themselves can relapse, which often results in an overdose.

The first part of addiction recovery involves getting people off the drugs they’re abusing. People struggling with addiction will experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using. Cocaine withdrawal can be extremely uncomfortable.

Some common symptoms include:

Although withdrawal symptoms aren’t usually deadly, people who experience them often feel miserable. Their misery may cause them to experience a lethal relapse. If they go back to using the same dose that they did before they started the detox process, they can easily overdose.

Even if they don’t die from an overdose, relapse is dangerous. Long-term health problems can arise from cocaine abuse. Many people who struggle with cocaine abuse develop movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. People who inject the drug also have a risk of contracting blood-based diseases like HIV.

What To Look For In Cocaine Addiction Treatment

If you need help recovering from cocaine addiction, you should find an addiction treatment center that specializes in holistic, individualized care. The holistic approach ensures that clients receive women’s addiction treatment that focuses on their mental, physical, and spiritual health. This full-body care gives them the best chance at lasting sobriety. However, facilities need to provide whole-person treatment in a personalized way so each client is able to recover in the best way for her. Some treatments Soledad House offers include:

If you’re struggling with your cocaine use, sobriety is possible. Reach out to a serene, female-focused treatment center that can help. Call Soledad House today at 866.314.3222.



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