Faith-Based Drug Rehabilitation


There are a variety of different kinds of addiction treatment services. Each type brings different focuses and healing opportunities to a wide range of clients. Faith-based drug rehabilitation is one option. Where some people may think that faith-based recovery is only for religious people, this is a misconception. Faith-based treatment can actually benefit more than just individuals with religious beliefs.

What Is Faith-Based Drug Rehabilitation?

Faith-based rehab centers focus primarily on spiritual healing. Many faith-based centers encourage their clients to have a connection with a higher power during their recovery. This connection allows them to rely on that higher power when addiction recovery becomes difficult. In fact, many centers encourage that connection to continue after their addiction treatment is over. Some faith-based centers focus entirely on one religion. On the other hand, others take a more spiritual approach. The spiritual centers don’t care what higher power their clients choose to connect with, so long as they’re making some kind of connection with a higher power like a god, the whole universe, or a different entity altogether.


Is Faith-Based Drug Rehabilitation Only For People Who Are Religious?

Anyone can enter faith-based rehab. They simply need to make sure the rehab center they’re choosing lines up well enough with their own beliefs. Someone with strict religious views shouldn’t enter treatment at a faith-based center focusing on a different religion. There may be pressure put on that patient to convert, which could cause them to leave treatment early and, eventually, relapse. Clients who don’t have a strict religious background or don’t want to convert to a religion can also enter faith-based treatment. Some faith-based centers will welcome clients who aren’t religious at all into their healing communities. They will also receive the same spiritually focused programs that they offer to others in their facility.

How Can Faith-Based Drug Rehabilitation Help Me?

When you struggle with addiction, you suffer as a whole person, not just physically. Your mind, body, and spirit all need to recover in order for you to begin healing. Despite the focus on spiritual healing, some faith-based rehab centers offer programs that help their clients recover completely from their addiction. Along with spiritual programs, faith-based rehab centers can offer exercise therapy, outdoor activities, and personalized care that promotes full body care. Faith-based centers also have a natural sense of community. In faith-based recovery groups, people begin making a habit of reaching out for help. Although clients first turn to a higher power, they also seek out others in the healing community that share common beliefs. The more people reach out, the more supportive the community becomes, which helps makes everyone feel connected and cared for. The connections people build during faith-based treatment often take place in a natural environment. Some faith-based centers are built-in relaxing locations away from triggering stimuli. The relaxed environment makes it easier for clients to connect to their chosen higher power and others around them.

Faith-Based Recovery At Our San Diego Treatment Center

Even if you’re not religious, spiritual addiction recovery could work for you. At Soledad House, we understand how important spirituality in recovery can be. We place much of our recovery focus on spirituality and connecting you with the higher power of your choice. Along with that, we provide women’s addiction treatment programs and opportunities to help you heal completely and build a new life away from your addiction. Faith-based rehab can help you recover from your addiction. Call Soledad House today at 866.314.3222 to see if our center is right for you.



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