Living with an opioid addiction, such as to Percocet, wrecks your daily life. You cannot plan for your future and even feel unmotivated to dream about reaching any goals in the coming years. This is, of course, a tragic way to live. But you can stop feeling like a tragedy and start seizing the life you want with the right help, the help gained through a quality Percocet addiction rehab.

Why People Abuse Percocet

Signs of Adderall Addiction

Percocet is a powerful pain reliever. That is why doctors turn to prescribing this drug time and again, despite its addiction risks. People suffering injuries, surgical recovery and other types of pain need this level of relief for adequate healing. But at some point in your life, you used Percocet recreationally and without a true need for the drug. Now you find yourself stuck in this cycle of Percocet addiction.
Many women fall into the same cycle. After all, Percocet combines oxycodone and acetaminophen to provide a relaxing, euphoric feeling. So resisting the hold the drug has on you becomes harder with every dose. Something in your life makes you fear not using the drug, beyond its withdrawal effects feared by those who quit.
This struggle is why you need help from a reputable women’s Percocet addiction treatment program. No one likes to struggle alone in life, as with support and help you achieve so much more. This is true of recovery from Percocet, too. People who care help you rebuild your strength and hope for a better life.

Remember that you are not alone in needing a Percocet addiction treatment program. According to the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health by SAMHSA, about 4.3 million Americans abuse opioids like Percocet, too. This means that almost two out of every 100 people you meet in the U.S. abuse opioids and likely also are afraid of getting help when they suffer addiction.

Percocet Addiction Treatment

So what does Percocet addiction rehab include? What can you expect, if you make the decision to reach for a better life?
Like other opioid addiction withdrawal, detoxing from Percocet is never easy. But you have many options for your Percocet addiction treatment program and can find the one program that makes you feel most inspired, hopeful and comfortable during this process. For many women, this rehab takes place in a women-only setting. Many turn to Soledad House in San Diego for painkiller addiction treatment among female peers in recovery.

Your Own Percocet Addiction Recovery

At Soledad House in San Diego, you enjoy more than just upbeat California sunshine. You also enjoy the benefits of being around other women who understand your journey. You feel comfortable in the relaxed setting and home-like atmosphere, as you learn what it takes to stay sober for a better life.
For your sobriety, you need access to multiple levels of care. Through these levels of care and an individualized treatment program, you gain a custom approach to your recovery. Programs and therapies provided for this customization at Soledad House include:
At Soledad House, you gain the individualized support and care you need as a woman seeking a better life. You want a real chance in recovery and get that among other women who struggle just as you do. So call Soledad House in San Diego now at 866-314-3222 for more information about available Percocet addiction treatment.



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